How You Can Motivate Your Sales Team To Close Deals

Ankita Sharma
How You Can Motivate Your Sales Team To Close Deals

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Sales is a broad field. If you’ve ever worked in sales, you know it’s rarely easy to pitch to someone. At any given point in your sales funnel, they could turn you away. One of the most important parts of sales is closing deals, and the pressure is immense—even more so when you’re tasked with motivating others in a leadership role. The lengths you go to motivate your team often determine the level of sales. This is where sales enablement comes in.

Sales enablement refers to the functions or steps taken to ensure a sales team has all the resources they need to convince prospective buyers to purchase their offering. This means enabling your team with the skills, resources, technology, and more. The goal is simple: help the sales team sell effectively. 

Lack of motivation manifests itself in several ways, such as failure to hit targets repeatedly, procrastination, constant complaints, negative workplace energy, and more—and it is always marked by losses. As a sales manager, you should pay attention to the work environment. That way, you always have a hold on things, and when needed, act quickly before everything falls apart. You want to be proactive and cut on losses by nipping these actions early on.

Whether you’ve experienced these, or are merely trying to prevent them from ever coming up, these practical ideas will help you stay on top of the situation:

Reward System

As a sales manager, you want to have a system in place to reward team members for a job well done, such as hitting targets, or closing deals. It could be monetary or otherwise. However, financial rewards shouldn’t be your go-to as you might be unable to keep up or might inadvertently be rewarding “do whatever you have to” behavior that creates a toxic work culture. 

Non-monetary rewards are great; they could be paid lunches or dinner, coupons that make their day-to-day living more comfortable, free tickets to events, etc. Also, you should offer the team members a range of options to choose from, or a limited budget they mustn’t exceed. Getting a reward of their choice would help them feel better appreciated.

Encourage Open Conversations

Focus on building relationships with your employees. They should trust you enough to come clean, or at least, answer honestly when asked. You want to either have a round table meeting, or one-on-ones to outline their issues and help you figure out why there’s a dip in motivation. 

Help Team Members Build Skills

Sometimes, the team members have exhausted their knowledge bank on closing a deal, without any luck. It’s up to you to help them build essential skills that come in handy, with your expertise and experience. You should show an interest in their personal development and help them build relationships and negotiation skills.

Offer them helpful tips such as effective ways of using cold calling, letting them in on the importance of social media marketing, and also encouraging them to research appropriately before putting out content, or making phone calls. These tips make their jobs easier.

Set Mini-Goals

This is connected to the reward system, and might be a great way to determine who deserves any. Rather than setting up one straight goal which could be too tasking, you could try mini-goals, which, when met, are rewarded, such that they stay motivated, and build confidence for the bigger goals.

Look Inwards

You might not like this, but sometimes, you are the problem. Your sales team has seen you act out, and are merely mirroring the aura and energy you exude in the workplace. In a case such as this, all you need do is check yourself, and soon enough, your team is back working as they should. Perhaps you’re micromanaging or maybe you aren’t being transparent enough. Every so often, look inwards. 


Find ways of spicing up work hours or the working environment as a whole,by incorporating fun activities, such as parties, games, social outings, retreats, etc. Fun is an excellent idea because it allows them to relieve stress and clear their heads; that way, they can re-strategize and offer their best. These activities could be events where they put their knowledge to use, or work trips where they enjoy off days.

Know Your Team

Everyone is different, and you need to know the members of your sales team as individuals; their strengths, weaknesses, motivating factors, ideals, and so on. This helps you make the best decisions as regards rewards and getting the best out of them. It also helps them feel like part of a family.

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