Comrade Digital Marketing

770 N Halsted st , Ste 106 , Chicago, Illinois. 60642

5.0 rating

Comrade Digital Marketing was established in 2007; and is comprised of a dedicated group of people, who share views together about the future of web technologies. Our driving passion is to design a world in which we want to live! We are a company of designers, developers, brand specialists, technology geeks and dreamers. We are here to revolutionize your view of design, IT, and the world in general by making colors brighter, emotions deeper and outlook extended.

$0 – $10,000$100-$14910-49 Chicago, Illinois
5.0 rating

We received an excellent service and support during the design/development and launch of our site. The extra functionality to our site ensures ease of navigation for all our visitors. Fast efficient and incredibly helpful. Nothing is too much trouble and lots of good ideas.
I would not hesitate to recommend Comrade Web Agency as one of the best Web Design & Digital Marketing Agencies in Chicago.
They made the product we wanted, and they made it even better than we’d imagined

Jake Spike
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