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Yokel Local is an Inbound Marketing Agency and Hubspot Partner that helps companies generate revenue, reduce sales cycles, and increase customer lifetime value using inbound marketing.

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Stormie at Yokel Local was willing to make time for a consultation for me after connecting at a local networking event. The location there has a filming studio, podcast recording studio, a conference room, and the team was working diligently during my visit. Stormie provided insight and a few quick, simple, cost effective ways I could develop my marketing strategy and take my communication game to the next level. Thanks Stormie and team!

Michael Amato-von Hemert
5 rating

I’ve been dealing with Stormie and his team for a couple years now and I absolutely enjoy all the ideas they’ve given me to grow my businesses. They are results driven and simplify their marketing communication to help a business owner truly understand what is the best avenue from start to finish to the continuation of growing business.

marissa hawkins
5 rating

I have been using Stormie with Yokel Local for about 6 months now. He has really turning my media around and made it successful.

PDQ Services
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I can’t speak to their courses, but what I can speak to is they are a rip off of a marketing company. We paid $2500 for an initial first month set-up fee and a contracted 3 month marketing plan of $750 per month. They’re geniuses where they require you to pay BEFORE the month of service begins. After the first month of service, we were concerned because we were not seeing the promised first month deliverables as outlined in our contract. Hoping for an improved 2nd month, at the end of the second month, we had still not seen the services they promised in monthly deliverables. The owner, Darrell was very defensive and refused to show us proof. Samples of the deliverables were posts on social media, email marketing, ad design, back end targeted marketing. The only deliverable they had was the target marketing – NONE of the other! After seeing we were not getting anywhere and Darrell’s response to our concern when we sent him the contract was, The contract is a ‘sample’ of our service – you’re supposed to watch the video. We were SHOCKED! Our response was simple, We didn’t sign a video, we signed a contract! . We asked for an immediate halt of services which happened only after they charged us for the third month and closed our account. We provided all evidence and contract to our bank and were just informed Yokel Local is refusing to provide evidence of service to our bank….and now begins the 60+ days of an escalated process . These people will RIP YOU OFF! Something our small business really suffered from. Don’t trust them or their contract. They know exactly how to take your money and keep running from the bank.

Jeri Dean
5 rating

I know my customers. After listening to me very carefully, The Yokel Local team knew exactly how to re-work the SEO of my website. Just 8 weeks after the work was complete, I got my first good customer who would not have found me but for Yokel Local’s work. As I sell a big ticket item in a very small niche, I promise you – this is a very FAST return on my investment with Yokel Local.Let me join the chorus of these other reviews regarding their service, and their very sincere, unselfish commitment to my success. Combined with their breathtaking technical knowledge, I can only say that you MUST at least consider this team for your marketing. Bonus – – they’re a lot of fun to work with too!

Peter Radd
5 rating

I recently took Yokel Local’s Revenue Accelerator course and I cannot tell you how much it has improved how my company approaches advertising. I followed their program and implemented their strategies and I can already see my target audience being drawn to myself and my company. As a start up company you must be careful where you spend your money and this my friends is well worth the money. -Mel O

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Stormie and his Yokel Local team explore and deliver marketing solutions that I have experienced at the level of fortune 500 companies like IBM, Tessla/Solar City (well you get the gist). With Yokel Local, we are partnering with a POWER HOUSE marketing team that operates at the level of the best of the best!I am so excited to be working with Yokel! They are doing exceptional things to bring about exponential growth for Rapport Leadership International!Veronica MoodyLeadership Training AdvisorRapport Leadership International

Veronica Denise Moody
5 rating

I first attended Yokel Local’s Get More Customers one day seminar and was blown away by the amount I learned in just one day. I followed up with their 8 week Revenue Accelerator course and I was able to put it into practice for my own business what they had taught me already. I recently attended Yokel Local’s 2 day Digital Growth Bootcamp and built on my knowledge further with their expert guidance. The team at Yokel Local has such a broad base of expertise and they are willing to go above and beyond for their clients. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done and continue to do for me and my business.

5 rating

It simply is not possible for us to be more excited about this company. Our company is presenting a brand new concept in the automotive world. An online forum for buying and selling investment vehicles, completely online and any time from anywhere, and doing so safely. It has been done, but not with client safety as a fundamental necessity. We needed a marketing partner who could work with our budget to help us grow and think outside of the box. Yokel Local was absolutely our solution and I would recommend this company without hesitation. The peace of mind I have received since I started our journey with them is priceless. The freed time to focus on core duties vs trying to sort our this digital marketing world … what a relief! It’s a scary place – marketers know how to market. To make themselves *appear* more successful then they are online. was a real fear. These folks absolutely do what they say and prove every day that they know what they are doing. Do yourself a favor and hire this team.

Victoria Thomas
5 rating

I recently attended Yokel Local’s Seminar called Get More Customers Academy …It was thorough, precise, intensive and very comprehensive..I would be lost without and Internet Marketing Company that is as professional and well rounded as Yokel Local. I loved the Seminar and look forward to next years ROI.

Barb Jones

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