Top Reasons Why Email Marketing Should Feature in Your Digital Marketing Strategy |

Top Reasons Why Email Marketing Should Feature in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Usman Raza
Top Reasons Why Email Marketing Should Feature in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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Despite being the oldest digital marketing channel, many marketers will be surprised to learn that even today; email remains the most popular and effective. A quick round-up of the main advantages of email marketing by businesses:

Matchless Return on Investment 

A key parameter for measuring how well businesses are performing is the return on investment. Email marketing, with its low-cost operations, delivers the maximum ROI across the entire spectrum of digital marketing channels. According to, B2C businesses get an ROI of 48 times while B2B companies report 36x. Email, therefore, represents the best investment you can make in digital marketing.

Immediate Impact 

A common grouse of marketers is that it can take time for the marketing message to have the desired impact on the target audience. However, it has been observed that email messages have an immediate effect, and recipients can start to respond within minutes of the messages being sent out. To help the target audience take immediate action, structuring the subject line with a sense of urgency like a limited time offer can be a useful tactic, observes a consultant at a top digital marketing agency Auckland.

Massive Reach

Email marketing campaigns can have the reach marketers want, ranging from right across the globe to local audiences down the street by defining the subscriber list properly. It is true that social media too has immense reach, however, with email; you can control the dissemination of the message far more accurately. It means so that you can customize your offer depending on the profile of the recipients, including their demographics, interests, and past purchase behavior. Segmentation of your email subscriber list, however, is only possible if you manage to capture all the essential information about the subscriber at the time of signing up or through interactions thereafter. Given that there are more than 3.9 billion email users according to some estimates, marketers can have all the reach they want, provided they have users opting in to receive their mailshots.

Measurement of Performance Is Easy 

Usually, marketers find it difficult to figure where they are going wrong or even what is working for them, and this can make improving the performance of the marketing campaign quite difficult. However, when you use an advanced email platform to manage your email campaign, you can get information on virtually all the parameters that you want. You can find out which recipient has clicked on your email and whether he took any action on it thereafter. If you find that the open rates are not healthy, it means that your subject line lacks the punch required for the recipients to open them. By customizing the email with the name of the recipient, it has been found that the open rate can increase a whopping 26 times. If people are opening your emails but not clicking on any link, the problem could be that the CTA is not eye-catching or compelling enough.

Low Cost of Carrying Out Marketing Campaigns 

Among all the advantages of email, the one that stands out is that it costs very little to implement an email marketing campaign when you compare it with other channels, especially conventional mass, and direct media. For example, marketers do not need to incur the expenses of buying TV or radio spots, space in the newspapers and magazines for releasing advertisements, incur billboard rentals, or even the cost of stationery and postage associated with direct mail. Email campaigns are easy to design with the help of the available tools. Even small businesses will find the cost of using a specialist email platform that can send out thousands of emails simultaneously, manage and monitor their performance quite affordable.

Reaches an Audience That Is Already Engaged

Among the principal reasons why email marketing is so effective is that it is the only channel that the audience asks to subscribe to. The accepted norm for businesses is to only send emails to those recipients who have signed up to receive communication from the business. Indeed, businesses can be fined up to $11,000 for every act of violation of the CAN-SPAM Act enforced by the FTC, which includes sending unsolicited commercial emails. Since the recipient has on his own volition agreed to receive the email, it can be held that he is already interested in what the business offers. Accordingly, the conversion rate is higher than that of other marketing channels is not a surprise. It is important that marketers strictly abide by the code for ending emails because apart from the penalties, sending unsolicited mail is a spam action that can result in the reputation of the business being damaged.


Email marketing campaigns, especially that is thought intelligently can be very rewarding for marketers. The ability to deliver customized targeted messages to a defined audience, as well as the ability to track the performance of the campaign, makes it a much-loved marketing tool.


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