Role of eBooks to Improve Your SEO

Attaining knowledge is one of the essential aspects of life. We do it since the day we open our eyes until we bid farewell to the world. The first source of knowledge for any kid is their parents, who teach them the absolute necessary life skills. Moving forward, they join schools to get a formal education from teachers who build the foundation of their knowledge base. This foundation goes a long way helping them in every aspect of their life. Though formal education is essential, we also make efforts to learn new things, mostly related to our interests. We have many methods and platforms from which we can learn, like books, newspapers, magazines, television, radio and many more. However, due to advancements in the technology field, humans have invented a new and efficient way to disseminate information. We call this technology the internet, which has completely changed our lives since its inception. 

On the internet, too, we have many options for learning like websites, social media, forums, and educational videos. One untapped potential is an eBook. The “e” means electronic, so it is essentially a book that is electronically available to us. It is interesting that many marketers also use eBooks to improve the SEO of their websites. For beginners, SEO is search engine optimization that helps improve your website’s ranking in google search research results for a relevant keyword. Writing eBooks is easy, and many people even use eBook creator tools to ease compiling everything. Despite the potential, many SEO experts have neglected eBooks over time, so in this article, we will tell you all about how eBook helps boost SEO. 

EBook And SEO

The most commonly known application of SEO is to insert certain links in your webpages behind particular keywords. They are essential, but now SEO is becoming more about content than the links, and ignoring this aspect would cost you dearly. You can make content through several ways like blog posts, but one lesser-known way to put content on your website is the eBook. Yeah, we can say that an ebook takes a bit of time and effort to produce, but it brings many dividends in the long run. According to research, even children are interested in reading eBooks, so you could be sure that the demographics do not affect the interest in eBooks much. eBooks and SEO usually go hand in hand, with one helping the other. If your eBook is not SEO friendly, it will never help you with boosting your website. It is essential to focus on the content of the eBook while writing it so that it can be somewhat beneficial.


The main thing in writing an eBook starts with an idea, an idea that will inspire. It might look a pretty straightforward job, but it isn’t if you want your eBook to help you with the SEO of your website. An eBook is quite different from the content you write for your website; hence this process of finding an idea should take considerable time. The idea should make people wish to hit that download button whenever they see the title. It can only happen if you pick a concept in demand, and people want to read about it. It should also be interesting since you don’t want to bore the readers. Usually, you also consider SEO trends and keywords while coming up with an idea. 

Optimize The Description

It is up to you how you sell the idea of your eBook, but experts usually recommend that you write a description in such a way that it is irresistible to read. You can use many hot keywords generated by SEO tools such as Google AdWords, which will help you improve your eBook’s ranking in search engines. It is two-way traffic; your eBook creates traffic for the rest of your website, helping its SEO, while SEO helps generate traffic for your eBook. 


EBook writing is different as it is not a thousand words article, and you would want to engage the reader for quite a long time. Generally, people write eBook starting from 15 pages long, and it can go up to several dozen pages, depending upon the level of details included. The ebook’s length depends on whether you want to explain everything there or lure people towards your website. The latter is a better idea since it will help with increasing the SEO of the website by engaging more audience. You must be smart enough to leave some essential information out with a hint that the reader will find them on the website. You can do this by linking various pages from your site, which the readers can click if they want to explore more.


People usually have a short attention span when it comes to online reading; hence, it is upon the writer to ensure that they stay interested. Anything odd and out of place can sway the people away, which would be your loss. Readability helps keep the reader engaged while giving them the information they crave, one bite at a time. Readability also has a lot to do with the format of the ebook. There are many online tools available to help you easily customize your format to your potential reader’s likings. In a recent study, more than 80% of respondents found eBooks to be very useful, which also underscores their importance.

Making Your EBook SEO Friendly

Once you have published your eBook, your work is still not done, as you now have to ensure that the eBook serves the purpose, helping your SEO. The best way to capture the visitor’s attention is to place an eBook on the blog or website’s homepage. The eBook also helps with SEO tactics such as email marketing, as you can ask people for their email address in return for the download link. Doing so will keep updating your email lists for future correspondence and marketing opportunities. You should also set up the analytics for your eBook, so you can monitor how well your eBook is doing and what you should change to make it better. Once you get a positive response, you can sell the eBook at websites such as Amazon and eBay and submit it to ebook directories. However, giving away your eBook for free is the best idea, as it will please your potential customers and increase the SEO of your website by giving it more exposure. 

Key Takeaways

Reading and gaining knowledge always go hand in hand, and in this digital world, we now have new methods to do both. People prefer reading stuff on their laptops and smartphones, and the best way to cater for such a need is through online blogs and eBooks. EBooks also help companies boost their websites’ SEO, which pays dividends in the form of new customers and increases market space. The world is changing fast, and those who do not adopt modern marketing methods, such as eBooks, will be left far behind.

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