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SEO and Crowd Marketing Tactics: What Else Can Consumer Comments Be Used For?

Did you know that your search engine optimization (SEO) website strategy can be significantly improved with the help of crowd marketing and social media? More often than not, consumer comments are very useful in this situation, so hopefully you can use these comments in your own strategy.

Why Customer Comments Are Important

Not everyone understands the real power behind customer testimonials, online reviews and even simple comments, so here are some statistics:

  • According to Brightlocal, 88 percent of potential customers read reviews in order to determine the quality of a particular local business.
  • According to Mdgadvertising, 88 percent of potential customers trust reviews they read online just as much as they trust personal recommendations from the people they know.
  • According to Webfeat, potential customers are likely to spend 31 percent more on a business that has “excellent” reviews.

So, how can you use customer comments and feedback in your SEO and marketing?

12 Essential SEO Techniques to Try

1.  Case Studies

One of the first and more obvious ways in which you can use your customer comments is to put them into your case studies or research. Of course, you can also conduct customer surveys to collect the answers to questions you might have for them, but existing reviews can help tremendously as well. For instance, you can analyze your customer comments and check whether you have more positive, negative, or neutral reviews. You can also analyze which type of complaint is the most common. Then, you can use this information in your case studies that are published on your website or blog (if you analyze the comments for something positive).

2.  Search Ads

One a bit unusual way to use your customer comments is by putting them into your online ads. Search ads are very common among businesses that rely on pay-per-click advertising campaigns, so if you use this strategy often, you might want to consider adding customer comments to it.

The main appeal of having even one customer comment in your ad is that it immediately shows that the advertising is “coming from a real person” rather than your solely your company. The downside, of course, is that many customers will often doubt such comments in ads because reason will keep telling them that you could fabricate the consumer comment.

3.  Product Pages

It often happens that a potential customer discovers your website and goes through many pages on your site falling in love with what you have to offer… and then leaves. The reasons for such a final decision can be different: the price is too high, they didn’t find what they need, they can’t afford your products. But more often than not, they just need a little push. This is why your product pages are so important. They don’t only display your offers, but they also need to persuade your audience to purchase these products. Including customer comments about this particular product can make a huge difference. The potential client will read the reviews and will be more likely to make a purchase.

4.  Email Marketing

Oh yes, email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, it is still pretty effective if you know how to use it right and have a good writer from a writing service review site like Pick The Writer who can create precise, interesting and engaging emails. Nevertheless, there are still a few ways you can improve your emails even more – and one of them is including customer comments. Just like with product pages, emails are meant to cause a certain action from your customer’s side. They need to click on the link you sent them and get sent to a landing page with the product you are currently selling. So, instead of only putting the reviews on the landing page, put some of them in the email.

5.  Testimonials Page

A great way to have all your consumer comments in one place – well, the ones you want people to see, that is – is by creating a separate testimonials page. You can still use customer reviews in other places, but this is the page that has all the feedback you collected that makes your business look nice. However, you should keep in mind several things. First, your testimonials page needs to properly designed. Second, this page will only work if you mention it throughout your site telling customers that they can read the testimonials to get a better idea of your business. And last, you need to find neutral and positive comments to put here to sound real (only positive comments will make it seem fake).

6.  Review Websites

Your customers might be buying your products directly from your website, but they will happily leave their feedback all over the internet. From your blog to social media platforms to review websites, there are many channels where they can show up. Your job is to track these customer comments and respond to them correctly. Bad reviews need to be removed, but if you can’t do that, you should reply to them politely and try to solve the customer’s problem. Review websites are usually the ones that will have the majority of such interactions between you and your customers (though social media platforms are also known for this).

7.  Podcasts and Webinars

Podcasts and webinars are gaining popularity as we get busier and busier. Just like videos, they help your audience save time or learn something new faster. This is exactly why using customer comments in your podcasts or webinars will be easy and effective at the same time. In podcasts, you can briefly remind your listeners about a product you are selling and then read a few customer reviews. In webinars, the logic is the same, but it is better to just include separate materials like an e-book which has some of your most popular products and consumer reviews next to them.

8.  Blog Content

Probably the most common way of using customer comments is by including them in all kinds of blog content you create. A writer from a writing service review site like WritingJudge could be incorporating it into an article for your blog while you are working on an illustration where you have a really short customer comment next to the product photo. There is no right or wrong way to include customer comments in your blog content, but what you can do is quote industry experts who have reviewed your product. You can even send your products to them for free asking them to make a review. They get free products and a premise for their own content while you get exposure and another “customer” review.

9.  Social Media Platforms

As mentioned earlier, social media platforms are often the place where your customers post comments – both negative and positive. Always respond to these comments and collect the neutral and positive ones that you can use later in your marketing campaign. Moreover, both review websites and social media platforms are great for getting backlinks to your website. When responding to a customer comment on a review website, make sure to specify your brand and link to your website. Even if it looks a bit awkward, it will still help you grow your backlink profile.

10.  Video Platforms

Video platforms like YouTube can really help you to build your online follower base and get more exposure. Though it is not very common to use customer testimonials in videos, they can still be great for providing you with a premise for a video.

For example, a customer review from a confused customer might have questions about how to use a particular product. You can quote this customer comment in a video where you explain exactly how to use this product. Simple.

11.  Traditional Marketing Materials

Traditional marketing materials can also be improved by using customer comments in them. It’s old, but it works, especially if you are a local business looking for new customers to attract in your area. For instance, you are launching a campaign with flyers. When designing your flyers, make sure to put some customer comments on them. These will work quite well if you have some industry professionals to quote, but even regular customer reviews will be great.

12.  Business Improvements

Last but not least, don’t forget to use customer comments to improve your business. As discussed earlier, you can conduct case studies where you use customer comments, analyze them and find out which aspects of your business need improvement. If you notice that many customers are frustrated with your return policy, maybe you need to work on it and find a way to improve it. Remember that your customers are always right and you need to listen to what they have to say.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, now that you know about all these tactics for using consumer comments, you can stop worrying about messing up blog comment backlinks or blog comments SEO. This is because you will be already dealing with your customer comments by using the simple techniques outlined in this article.

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