How Can an SEO Company Use Featured Snippets to Help You Secure Top Google Rankings? |

How Can an SEO Company Use Featured Snippets to Help You Secure Top Google Rankings?

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Ranking on the top of an organic search list on Google is a difficult task. However, that does not mean it is impossible. Businesses use different types of search engine optimization techniques to land in the first place on the list. But what if we were to tell you that your SEO company can help you overtake the number one position on the search list? Let us introduce you to featured snippets. 

What Are Featured Snippets?

Featured snippets appear above the topmost result on a Google search because they present an exact answer to the question that a person asked Google. Google will decide which website answers the question most precisely and feature it in a box above the number one result. 

Featured snippets are presented in three formats.

  • Paragraphs are the most common type of snippets since they present an answer to the most popular forms of questions.
  • Numbered or bulleted lists feature for some answers, such as instructions or steps. For example, a search for a recipe might feature a snippet with a list of directions.
  • Tables are presented in snippets that answer data-related questions. Data related questions might also feature a graph in the snippet. For example, a question about the forex rates would feature a weekly or monthly graph.

What Are the Benefits of Featured Snippets?

Google search results have featured snippets for the last six years to enhance user experience. Yet, most people fail to take advantage of using them for search engine optimization. Your SEO company uses them so that your website can enjoy the following benefits.

It Outranks the Top Result

Featured snippets will appear on top of the number one position on a search. That means it can be used to steal some clicks from the topmost search results. Statistical studies have shown that almost 26% of users click on the first URL. However, more than 8% of the clicks go to the featured snippets, reducing the percentage of CTR for the first result. That means your website can steal a substantial amount of clicks from the number one position and help your search engine optimization in the long run. 

Voice Search Optimization

Searching with voice has become more popular than using text these days. With the gaining popularity of smart speakers, people are getting more used to asking questions to their smart devices. Voice searches on smart devices can only show one result, which means most of the time, the featured snippet will get chosen to answer a question posed by the user. 

There is a small downside for some websites. Google announced in January that featured snippets will not get repeated on the first SERP. But it might be the topmost result on the second page. We mentioned before that the featured snippet has a lower CTR than the topmost result. So if your website would already rank in the number one position, it would be counterproductive if it appears as the featured snippet. That is why it is necessary to consult your SEO company about how they can achieve the best possible results. 

How SEO Services Optimize Your Website for Featured Snippets?

Your SEO service provider might use several techniques to help your website appear on a featured snippet. These are some of those techniques used.

Including Questions in Keyword Research

Research for matching keywords is the most essential step in search engine optimization for any content. Every keyword research tool features a list of questions related to the query. SEO experts say that it is not necessary to include these questions in your content. But it is essential to cover answers to these questions. 

Looking for Questions in the “People Also Ask” Section

There is a series of questions that appear below the featured snippet on Google. If a user clicks on one of these questions, several others appear along with the answer. Try to include answers to as many questions as possible in your content. These questions can also be used to expand your content and cover other topics on the same post. 

Striving to Rank on the First SERP

Most of the featured posts are often from the first SERP. That means the search engine optimization techniques included in your web design and content remain of utmost importance. 

Using Words That Generate Snippets

Your SEO service provider will have an analytics team that will research for words that generate snippets more often. They will advise you to use these keywords in the answers provided by your content team. They will also provide a list of certain words that must be avoided. 

Following the Optimal Word Count

Most featured snippets have an optimal word count of fewer than 58 words. Therefore your answers must be precise and brief. The ideal number of words should be between 40-50.

Including a FAQ Page

A FAQ page can cover several questions and answers about your products and services. You can work with your SEO company to come up with a series of questions related to your products and services. 

So as you can see, ranking on top of an organic search result is not the only option to generate more traffic to your website. You can also achieve the desired results by appearing in the featured snippets. However, search engine optimization must remain a quintessential part of your online marketing strategy.

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