The Top 100 SEO and Internet Marketing Blogs to Read

The Top 100 SEO and Internet Marketing Blogs to Read

Dan Virgillito
Seoblog Top 100 SEO and Internet Marketing Blogs to Read

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A lot of writing about marketing goes into the technical aspects of creating a website and posting content, but there’s more to the world than just technicalities. One thing people often miss is one of the most foundational steps of all; building a reputable list of sources. Keeping a list of blogs to check on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis can give you a lot of value. You start to see the trends in coverage across your industry. You always stay on the cutting edge of research and news. You have a widespread grasp of what is being posted where, and you can quickly figure out what positions the experts are taking on various subjects.

I’ve compiled possibly the most comprehensive list of marketing blogs in existence. Some of these you’ve definitely heard about. Some of them you probably read already. Some you check occasionally but don’t often read. Some you may not have ever heard of before. I don’t expect you to become a regular reader of all 100 of them, but picking a dozen or two you like the most will certainly help.

List of SEO and Marketing Blogs

  1. – Shameless plug here, we’re a great resource for all sorts of SEO information.
  2. Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik – An infrequent but excellent blog about data analysis and business analytics.
  3. SEOBook – Makers of fine SEO tools and publishers of an incredibly detailed blog.
  4. ProBlogger – Darren Rowse’s home base and a hub for a ton of amazing information.
  5. Moz – My pick for the number one authority in all things search, SEO, internet marketing, and analytics.
  6. John Chow’s Blog – A great marketing blog that takes simple topics and digs deeper into them than you would ever think possible.
  7. Search Engine Land – One of the best hubs for news and recent trends in SEO and search engine monitoring.
  8. Search Engine Watch – Another excellent source of up to date news in all things search.
  9. Search Engine Roundtable – A high quality SEO blog that covers modern topics, the home of Barry Schwartz.
  10. Search Engine Journal – Seeing a trend? This one is a hub of information from a variety of SEO experts.
  11. Copyblogger – A blog dedicated to copywriting and content creation, a core component of blog success.
  12. Google Operating System – An unofficial blog that keeps track of Google’s actions on a day to day basis.
  13. Google Blog – The official Google blog, with the news they want you to see.
  14. Top Rank Blog – An interesting and introspective look at results-driven marketing.
  15. Entrepreneur’s Journey – Yaro Starak’s personal blog about his journey as an entrepreneur, with advice for others following his footsteps.
  16. Forrester – An insanely deep source of case studies and data analysis, and the source of a lot of incredible information over the years.
  17. Internet Marketing Ninjas – A great blog taking a lot of interesting perspectives on common knowledge.
  18. Web Strategist – An interesting blog that talks about tech topics you might not associate with marketing, but which point out trends for the future.
  19. Yoast – Makers of the best SEO plugin for WordPress, they certainly have a lot to say from their unique perspective.
  20. Blogging Tips – Innovative tips for blogging packaged in the form of blog posts.
  21. SEO By The Sea – An infrequent but deeply interesting blog with unique insights.
  22. Stone Temple Consulting – A source for some very good interviews with people in and outside of the marketing industry.
  23. ViperChill – Another infrequent but incredibly detailed blog with very lengthy posts.
  24. Hubspot – Producers of some of the web’s best content, so much that it requires two blogs instead of one.
  25. Seth Godin’s Blog – There are two types of people in the world; people who have heard of Seth Godin, and people who fail to meet their goals.
  26. GetResponse – A blog produced by makers of a great marketing tool.
  27. Portent – Great insights on analytics, copywriting, marketing, advertising, and social media.
  28. Raven Tools Blog – Makers of one of the premier competitors for Google Analytics, they sure have things to say.
  29. Seer Interactive – Lots of data, lots of useful insights, and a good perspective on the marketing world.
  30. Digital Marketer – A great blog with some deep tutorials and useful case studies.
  31. Web SEO Analytics – A good blog that suffers from inclusion on some common adblocker lists. Whitelist it; it’s worth it.
  32. MailChimp – The blog of one of the best email management tools available today.
  33. Amy Porterfield – The personal blog and portfolio of SEO guru Amy Porterfield.
  34. Mari Smith – The personal blog and portfolio of SEO guru Mari Smith
  35. Kikolani – Founded by Kristi Hines, one of the most frequent authorities on many SEO blogs.
  36. Kristi Hines – The personal blog and portfolio for the founder of Kikolani.
  37. Instant Shift – A blog that covers some overlooked topics in marketing, particularly in site building and design.
  38. Contently – One of the best advertising agencies around, providing a ton of great information for free.
  39. Kim Garst – The personal blog and portfolio of SEO guru Kim Garst, with contributions from other SEO personages.
  40. Heidi Cohen – The personal blog and portfolio for marketing influencer Heidi Cohen.
  41. Event Manager Blog – A blog dedicated to event management, an often overlooked topic that leaves many in over their heads.
  42. CMO By Adobe– The content and inspiration blog run by Adobe and dedicated to he internet.
  43. Chris Ducker – The home page and blog of serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker.
  44. Wordstream – One of the top ten resources for advertising information, in my opinion.
  45. Unbounce – One of the best authorities on conversion optimization and landing page creation.
  46. Sprout Social – A top-ranking blog with a ton of great marketing information.
  47. Convince and Convert – A blog that covers everything you need to know in order to turn readers into customers.
  48. Brian Solis – The personal blog and portfolio of Brian Solis, award winning blogger and speaker.
  49. Social Times (now Social Pro Daily) – The social media focused vertical as part of the AdWeek blog network.
  50. Tubular Insights – Formerly known as ReelSEO, a blog dedicated primarily to video SEO. I’m sad they changed their name.
  51. EConsultancy – A great blog with a lot of information about marketing on blogs and social media.
  52. Lewis Howes – The personal blog and resource guide from Lewis Howes, author and media guru.
  53. Inbound – The homepage and blog of one of the best companies working with inbound marketing.
  54. Vertical Response – A blog dedicated to small businesses and the unique situations they face while growing.
  55. Kissmetrics – A blog with deep insight into data analysis and split testing techniques.
  56. Crazy Egg – A blog for one of the original website heatmaps available, and as such has a lot to do with data analysis.
  57. Quicksprout – One of the best blogs out there, run by none other than Neil Patel, founder of a lot of big name businesses.
  58. Neil Patel – The personal blog and portfolio for Neil Patel, mentioned half a dozen words ago.
  59. Calculated Risk – A finance blog with a lot of information that can help small businesses succeed.
  60. Copy Hackers – Nothing to do with copying or hacking; it’s a blog about copywriting for startups.
  61. Smart Blogger – A name you might recognize more if I told you it used to be called Boost Blog Traffic.
  62. CopyBot – Another blog primarily about content creation, with a deeply personal slant that can help others with work-life balance.
  63. Marketing Profs – A hilariously detailed blog full of excellent information for pretty much every facet of marketing, online and off.
  64. Alltop – A blog aggregator that shows you the best posts in the content marketing niche.
  65. Digiday – A high volume digital news agency that has something new almost every time you refresh.
  66. Amy Lynn Andrews – The personal blog and portfolio for Amy Lynn Andrews, marketing great.
  67. Kaiser the Sage – Another generalized marketing blog with a lot of information about content marketing.
  68. Wistia – A blog with information about all sorts of marketing topics, including tertiary help like video marketing and production.
  69. Blog Tyrant – One of my favorite marketing blogs because of the way they always try to turn common knowledge on its head.
  70. Distilled – A lot of high level insights and information. You won’t find many low level tutorials, but rather inspiration here.
  71. Success Works – Another blog on how to create the best copy you can for website views.
  72. Cognitive SEO – If you’ve ever wanted lists – and hey, you’re reading this one – this site is your place to go.
  73. John Doherty – The personal blog and portfolio for consultant and SEO expert John Doherty.
  74. User Testing – Not only is their blog great, they also have an excellent service for helping you streamline your site design.
  75. Marketing Experiments – A great blog that is constantly testing to see what works and what doesn’t.
  76. Duct Tape Marketing – A great marketing blog with industry roundups and some excellent insights.
  77. VidYard – One of the best competitors to ReelSEO for video marketing advice.
  78. VentureBeat Social – The social media and tech wing of VentureBeat, particularly great for news.
  79. Chris Brogan – Home page and portfolio for Chris Brogan, CEO of the Owner Media Group.
  80. Marketo – The blog for one of the top-tier direct marketing services out there. They have an excellent automation category.
  81. EOFire – Not only do they have a great blog, they have a great set of marketing podcasts you can listen to when you’re otherwise occupied.
  82. Unmarketing – A blog about how to market without looking like you’re marketing.
  83. BuzzSumo – The blog for one of the best analytics tools available, particularly for social metrics. Their illustrations are amazing.
  84. The Content Marketing Institute – If there were colleges for marketing and content production, this would be Harvard.
  85. Jeff Bullas – The home page and portfolio for Jeff Bullas, one of the top Forbes and Inc writers.
  86. Marketoonist – An interesting blog that posts amusing cartoons in a vaguely Far Side style, about marketing.
  87. Adwords.Googleblog – The official blog for Google’s AdWords, and probably a better source for marketers than the official Google blog above.
  88. MatthewWoodward – The personal blog and portfolio for prolific entrepreneur and affiliate marketer Matthew Woodward.
  89. Dan Zarrella – The home base for Dan Zarrella, one of the more prolific speakers in the marketing world.
  90. Spin Sucks – A marketing blog focused on the cutting edge of marketing in the evolving digital age.
  91. Get Elastic – One of the more technical and business-focused blogs, meant for medium sized businesses and agencies.
  92. Buffer – One of the biggest names in content curation, Buffer’s blog is great for small brands.
  93. Litmus – A great blog with a lot of information about email marketing, among other topics.
  94. Marketing Land – Not to be confused with Search Engine Land, though they’re similar and both have excellent content.
  95. Business2Community – An interesting and generally crowdsourced blog with dozens of great contributors.
  96. Bryan Eisenberg – The blog for Bryan Eisenberg, a professional speaker and pioneer in online marketing.
  97. Conversion XL – A great blog about improving site design, conversion rates, landing pages, and advertising strategies.
  98. Shopify – The blog for one of the best ecommerce platforms available for most small businesses.
  99. PPC Hero – One of the best resources for PPC advertising for all skill levels, from novice to expert.
  100. Jon Loomer – The blog for all of Jon’s considerable knowledge in the arena of Facebook marketing.

So there you have it; 100 of the best marketing blogs you could possibly read. I’m sure I’ve missed a few, and if you have a favorite feel free to let me know, just don’t try to use this list as a chance to market your own 10-monthly-reader blogs. We’re talking real authorities here, folks.

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