SEO News You Can Use: Does Your SEO Agency Have a Strong Coronavirus Survival Plan?

SEO News You Can Use

There are a lot of big, scary words being thrown around as a result of COVID-19. Lockdown, downturn and recession are a few such words that inspire anxiety in the strongest among us. While even the best SEO agencies, like all other businesses, can expect a high churn during these times, there are ways to remain sustainable and operational.

Loren Baker of Search Engine Journal put together an overview of a recent webinar, during which Alen-Jelco Todorov of SEOmonitor dives into how SEO agencies can be proactive when faced with a crisis. Todorov tackles a bunch of different aspects to building out a contingency plan. He encourages agencies to realize that no two situations are identical, so it’s important to adapt his strategies and suggestions to suit the specifics of each circumstance. Because it’s crucial to prioritize your customer relationships during this time, the type of clients you target and serve is an important factor before creating a future-proofing plan. 

Todorov emphasizes that now, during this downtime, the future should be top of mind, but you can’t make a decision about what’s to come until you know what is. He insists you re-evaluate and truly understand the fundamentals of your company and how it currently operates. For example, during this coronavirus lockdown time most companies have adopted a remote work setup (rather than shut down) — these companies must consider how the newly adopted technologies will serve them post-COVID-19.

Besides staff and technology, Todorov explains how to manage your monthly expenses, cut costs or negotiate your terms. He suggests building a contingency plan is a team effort and everyone should be focused on three main areas of concern: how to acquire customers, manage them and retain their business.

The clincher that makes this webinar unmissable is that Todorov advises how to practically draw up a contingency plan that accounts for your customers’ needs and promotes the sustainability of your SEO agency. He has accounted for all uncertainties and offers solutions to quelling your customers’ concerns — such as the impact of your team working remotely or their expectations regarding communication about their campaigns.

If you’d like to learn more, you can check out the recap article here or watch the webinar here

More SEO News You Can Use

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Location Data is Used to Track Spread of COVID-19 Virus: Greg Sterling from Search Engine Land explains how location data is being used to track infection rates and how this insightful data can assist as we move through this pandemic and economic recession. He tackles the issues of privacy, consent and unwarranted surveillance.

Rand Fishkin Talks Empathy and Staying Efficient in Moz’s Whiteboard Friday: Rand Fishkin returns as a guest on this week’s Whiteboard Friday at Moz headquarters. He offers insights, opinions and ideas on how to handle your business and your marketing during these strange times. He covers three pertinent points and advises on practical ways to adjust your business’ messaging and tone.

Zoom Faces Stiff Competition as Facebook Launches Desktop App for Messenger: Facebook has re-introduced its Messenger as a standalone application, available on both Windows and macOS. This app is now directly competing with Zoom in the group video calls department and unlike Zoom, it’s all free. Check out more on this story here.

After GMB Suspended Most Functionality, it Now Offers a New Post Type For All Things Coronavirus: These COVID-19 posts will remain pinned at the top of all other posts and this function is available to all types of business listings. Search Engine Journal has all the details you need to know to make use of this new post option.

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