SEO News You Can Use: Your ECommerce Site Needs a Slick SEO Strategy

SEO News You Can Use

Your eCommerce website needs as much search engine optimization (SEO) attention as you can give it, that’s a no-brainer. While the eCommerce game is fun and fast-paced, it’s a highly competitive marketplace. If you don’t actively position yourself in front of your target audience, you can expect tumbleweed instead of clicks on the checkout button.  

The implementation of an SEO strategy on your eCommerce site is an ongoing project that directly impacts your back pocket. And, with Google constantly moving the search goalposts (see the latest January 2020 Core Update), you need to keep tweaking your site SEO to remain in position and competitive. This is what George Nguyen unpacks in his article interviewing Aleyda Solis, SEO consultant for Orainti, and Arsen Rabinovich, founder and director of SEO for

These two industry leaders discuss how clever eCommerce brands are making their product category pages work harder for them. The category pages are optimized to answer questions and provide detailed information that assists site visitors to make a purchasing decision. They look at how to prepare your new product category pages without deterring the customer experience and continuing to employ your SEO strategy. Solis and Rabinovich offer insights into how brands should go about developing their digital storefronts, how to optimize product and category pages for search and how to prepare for seasonal events (think, Black Friday), which are bound to upend your site structure. This article is ahead of the session Solis and Rabinovich are leading at SMX West on Feb. 19-20 in San Jose, Calif.

More SEO News You Can Use

Yoast SEO 12.9 Was Officially Released Last Week: This SEO plugin has promised an update that brings about numerous bug fixes and exciting enhancements. However, what everyone is talking about is the renamed snippet preview. It is now called the Google Preview and boasts much clearer settings. Here’s a blog post to help you better understand the new changes.

Webpages With Featured Snippets Only Get One Opportunity to be on Page One: Last week, Google’s Danny Sullivan tweeted confirmation that if a webpage has a featured snippet the listing won’t appear for a second time in the organic listings on Page 1. This a global change and will see your organic Page 1 result pushed possibly to Page 2, if not the third or fourth page. Sullivan tweeted again confirming that Page 2 positioning is not a guarantee. 

Using AI, Google is Enhancing its Collections in Search Feature: The Collections feature is similar to the activity cards in search results, introduced in 2019. However, users can expect Google, using AI technology, to automatically create groups of similar pages without having to do it manually anymore. U.S. English speakers can expect to see automatically generated collections to appear this week.

Backlinko has You Covered With This SEO Tools Guide for 2020: This year has had a wild start in the SEO world considering Google’s core update, but the experts have stepped up to help out. Backlinko has updated its guide, SEO Tools: The Complete List, for 2020 and for you. It boasts a collection of 188 free and paid tools to meet all your SEO needs. It’s well worth having a look at if you need a little direction on what to do next.

Learn How to Analyze Your Product Pages in Google Analytics: You can delve deep into the performance of your eCommerce product pages via Enhanced ECommerce in Google Analytics. Enhanced ECommerce sends impression, product promotion and sales data to your Google Analytics. This article guides you on how to analyze each of your product pages and explains exactly what to look for and why.

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