SEO News You Can Use: Google is (Likely) Investigating Your Guest Posting Strategy |

SEO News You Can Use: Google is (Likely) Investigating Your Guest Posting Strategy

SEO News You Can Use

It’s possible Google may thwart your guest posting or link building strategy. If you have a site that accepts and publishes guest posts then be warned, Google has taken to penalizing publishers of unnatural outbound links. This penalty is given when the content on your website points to your guest post’s site that negatively impacts your site’s link profile.

This article by Search Engine Journal (SEJ) has a look at a publisher’s report that upon Google finding their guest post articles, it disabled the authority for the publisher’s outbound links. Google advised the publisher to set the outbound links to nofollow and submit a review request. The penalty is a manual action taken by Google, therefore should the review request be granted — if the links prove to be trustworthy and from reputable sources — the penalty action is reverted.

This incident is not a once-off concern. Many publishers have come forward stating they’re suffering penalties from Google because of supposed unnatural outbound links on their sites found in their guest posts. Google stated it is issuing these manual penalties for paid guest articles. What’s more, in the case of this specific publisher reported on by SEJ, Google was able to identify that this site published guest posts without the acceptance of contributor posts being stated on the website. The search engine then picked out the specific link the guest contributor wanted a backlink for.

Now, while Google is not issuing any formal statements on the subject, all publishers from now on should pay close attention to any guest posts they accept. You need to do your due diligence and only accept paid links if you’re sure to add a nofollow attribute to each of them. For now, it’s speculated that Google is clamping down on guest posting because paid links can influence search results but in a non-organic way.

More SEO News You Can Use

More About Guest Posting to Help You Not Get Penalized by Google: SEJ has an article listing 10 of the worst links a publisher could include on their website. These are bound to get you penalized by Google. And, I suggest you read this second article that unpacks six suggestions to consider before accepting a guest post.

Google Has a New SERP Display For Local Businesses: In Europe, Google is offering a new carousal-type SERP display from third-party directories like Yelp. This update is seen in Belgium, France, Greece, Spain and the UK. It’s speculated that Google is trying to “make peace” with the European Commission, after the search engine was fined in March 2019 in the amount of €1.49 billion, for bad advertising practice. Here’s what BrightLocal’s investigation found. If implemented worldwide, however, this could have a major impact on local SEO search results.

Why Are We Obsessed With the Death of SEO? SEO is more than 25 years old. Perhaps that’s why we all constantly ponder whether this practice and industry is going to die anytime soon. Check out this article by Search Engine Watch in which Sian Thomas unpacks the last year in the SEO world and what is yet to come.

Protect Yourself From a Negative SEO Attack: There’s such a thing as a negative SEO attack and it’s a tricky issue to identify. Google says it protects us (our URLs) from negative SEO attacks but, as with all things, our enemies find workarounds. If you’re not sure you’re on the wrong side of an SEO attack, here’s how you can find out.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly of Link Building: Britney Muller just posted the most appropriate Whiteboard Friday video on the rules of link building. She investigates what current best practices are, what is no longer relevant and what to steer clear of so you don’t do your site any damage.

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