SEO News You Can Use: Google Rolls Out May 2022 Broad Core Algorithm Update |

SEO News You Can Use: Google Rolls Out May 2022 Broad Core Algorithm Update

SEO News You Can Use

Webmasters, site owners and search marketers – buckle up! The first Google broad core algorithm update of 2022 has officially landed and is expected to shake up the search results in the next two weeks or so. The May 2022 broad core update was launched on May 25 (Wednesday) at around 10:30 am CST and will take 1-2 weeks to finish rolling out, as predicted. 

The last core update took place over six months ago, the November 2021 core update. And like the November update, the Google May 2022 Broad Core Update, as it’s officially titled, won’t be penalizing underperforming pages but instead rewarding and promoting high-quality pages in the search results – as is the case with all broad core updates.

The latest broad core update will consider all types of content and affect all regions in all languages. However, Google would not disclose the number of queries or searches being impacted by this update. The SEO community also doubts that the company will notify webmasters of any future refreshes to the algorithm, if the unconfirmed updates over the last few weeks are any indication.

It’s worth mentioning again that broad core updates are not done to demote or penalize pages. “Core updates are changes we make to improve Search overall and keep pace with the changing nature of the web,” Google stated in the announcement. They will, inevitably, change how most sites perform on the SERPs because higher-quality pages that have undergone significant content improvements will most likely see increased rankings.

The company wants to emphasize that being negatively hit by the update doesn’t automatically mean you’re doing something wrong – you haven’t violated Google’s webmaster guidelines or been slapped with algorithmic or manual actions. Broad core updates are purely for helping Google better assess content across the web and promote those deemed to be authoritative, trustworthy and relevant.

However, the company has provided recommendations to help you prevent being negatively affected by future core updates. We still have a week or so to see the latest one play out, so keep a close eye on your analytics and SERP performance until then.

More SEO News You Can Use

Google News Possibly Being Redesigned: It would appear that a Google News redesign is in the works. Google is testing out a new interface for its news portal at and using a test group to see how well (or poorly) the new design will be perceived. According to Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz, the new home page is cleaner and “more visual,” bringing the navigation menu from the left side to the top. We don’t know when Google will implement the new design (if it even does), but publishers are advised to keep up these beta tests to foresee the rewards and risks brought by these changes to their visibility and traffic once live.

Google Ad Manager Adds Tools for Video Ads: Google launches three new tools on Google Ad Manager to give advertisers more in-depth insights into video and programmatic ad performance. With these new capabilities, advertisers are better equipped to boost ad management efficiency and generate more revenue from their videos. One new vital addition is the Programmatic Video Health tool, which allows you to better understand how your video inventory performs against others at auctions. The tool’s signals also indicate the potential revenue from videos, giving you a more accurate picture of your inventory’s value and helping you identify which areas can be improved. The last two tools are the Video Ad Serving Template, which utilizes automation to show the volume of errors on your inventory and their causes, and the YouTube Ads Delivery Tool, which gives you access to key data in real-time, allowing you to fix inventory issues instantaneously. If you’re looking to improve your video inventory, these new tools are for you.

Google Chrome Will Display Google Lens Results on the Same Browser Tab: Google encourages Chrome users to use Google Lens by showing the results on the same tab, instead of opening a new tab or window within Chrome. According to Google, this feature is part of the company’s broader effort to help people search and access information in more natural and intuitive ways.” Google Lens is designed to provide a more visual search experience for users; enhancing its usability on the Chrome browser is a step further toward creating a seamless user experience. If you have content showing up in Google Lens, it could also mean greater visibility and click-through rates for your pages via this search feature.

Google Ads CPCs of Non-U.S. Campaigns Surge by 300 Percent Due to Bug: A Google Ad bug caused cost-per-click (CPC) prices in some non-U.S. campaigns to inflate by 300 percent. Several advertisers took to Twitter to raise the alarms, but the company has since addressed the problem and mitigated whatever was causing the inflation. A similar bug was reported in November 2021, where Google had to refund advertisers for their overpayments.

Google Is Showing More FAQ Rich Results: It appears that Google is displaying more Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) rich results on the SERPs. RankRanger’s tracking tool has indicated a five-percent increase in the frequency of FAQs turning up in Google’s search results. This report is a double-edged sword for search marketers. On the one hand, the uptick could prove beneficial for your click-through rates if you have content on your site that has gained these rich results. But if the searcher finds what they are looking for in your FAQ rich result, they might end up staying on the SERPs and never click over to your webpage. Schwartz advises to “test, test and test” to determine if you really want to optimize for FAQ rich results.

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