SEO News You Can Use: LinkedIn Says SEO Professionals Are In High Demand |

SEO News You Can Use: LinkedIn Says SEO Professionals Are In High Demand

SEO News You Can Use

Good news to start 2020: A study published last month by LinkedIn shows that SEO professionals are in high demand now in what appears to be a “seller’s market.”

LinkedIn Sales Navigator data shows there are 47,500 U.S job openings related to SEO and 909,000 professionals in the U.S. with “SEO” in their profile. That breaks down to 20 people for every SEO job.

The article also listed some ratios for other types of jobs for comparison’s sake:

  • Software Engineers: 10:1
  • Designers: 23:1
  • Product Managers: 30:1

If you break down the data more, you find that there are 26,500 people on LinkedIn with the word “SEO” in their job title. And the majority of those work in either advertising or marketing. Most work in small or mid-sized companies, with less than 1,000 listed as self-employed.

About 10,500 SEO professionals among are new to the field, with one to five years of experience. Only about 4,000 SEO professionals say they have six to 10 years of experience and about 3,000 who say they have 10-plus years in the field.

So, the SEO job market is even better for those of you looking for SEO manager roles or a position seeking more experienced professionals.

More SEO News You Can Use

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