SEO News You Can Use: How Yoast is Using Digital Storytelling to Boost Engagement

SEO News You Can Use

One of the challenges with long-form content is finding a way to engage your audience long enough to actually read all the way until the end.

What you don’t want to do is produce quality, long-form content and then lose your audience quickly because it’s not presented in an appealing way. High bounce rates won’t help with your SEO or conversions.

In other words, just producing quality content is half the battle. You also need to use design and graphic elements to display the content in a way to keep your readers engaged until the last period. recently produced its first “storytelling page” that should give all of you great ideas about ways to display your content.

Storytelling is one of the best ways to not only inform but also entertain your audience at the same time in helping them digest relevant content.

Yoast’s first “storytelling page” is about diversity and prejudice. Yoast uses video and animation to help engage their audience and boost their content.

As Yoast said, the challenge is having quality and fast-performing animations on the web. Yoast said it considered GIFs and MP4 with autoplay, but in the end it animated SVG images with help from AirBnB’s JavaScript library Lottie.js.

The final result of Yoast’s digital “storytelling page” was a win for the readers.

More SEO News You Can Use

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