SEO News You Can Use: A 2020 Local SEO Roadmap to Success

SEO News You Can Use

If you haven’t realized the importance of local SEO for optimizing your content for your geo region to help your business get found online, then you just haven’t been paying attention.

It’s vital for your business to use local SEO strategies and tactics to gain an upper hand digitally against your regional competition.

Our friends over at just released a comprehensive 2020 blueprint for your local SEO success that breaks down ways to “Feed, Fight and Flip Google.”

Feeding Google is all about getting the most out of your website content, including your important business contact information and products or services descriptions, image and video content and social media content.

Fighting Google details how Google can be a problem for your business, including problematic aspects within products and litigation and protests against the brand.

Flipping Google is drafting a strategy to flip everything to your advantage. In other words, making all the roadblocks work for you instead of against you.

The in-depth overview of local SEO provides prospective from another angle in many ways and is worth your time if you’re looking to make the most of your 2020 strategies for generating local leads.

More SEO News You Can Use

Google’s John Mueller on Intent Research vs. Keyword Research: Google webmaster trends analyst John Mueller recently weighed in on what’s more important between intent research or keyword research. Of course the trend in 2020 is leaning heavily to intent research.

Issues With Google Search Console URL Parameter Tool: Google has confirmed it’s working on fixing a data issue with the URL parameter tool. Many SEOs have noticed that the data shown in the URL parameter tool is inaccurate. This legacy tool within Google Search Console allows advanced SEOs to communicate with Google insignificant page variations and instruct Google to consolidate those URLs.

How to Create the Best Customer Experience: We all want to ensure our websites provide the best customer experience possible. In this article you’ll learn the best ways to ensure a seamless customer experience (CX) and find out how to make every touchpoint a customer has with a brand is personalized, relevant, timely and connected.

Why It’s Beneficial to Transcribe Podcasts For Your Website: Niki Mosier from Two Octobers recently led another Whiteboard Friday and talked about the benefits of transcribing podcasts and posting them on your blog or website. After she started transcribing podcasts, she saw a 15 percent increase in organic traffic and a 50 percent keyword boost. So, yeah, it’s something you should be considering.

How to Rank Your YouTube Videos on Google: More and more websites are using video to drive traffic and generate leads. It’s become even more important to use video SEO to optimize your video content. Here are some easy steps for how to rank your YouTube videos on Google.

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