SEO News You Can Use: Don’t Ditch Your Digital Marketing Right Now

SEO News You Can Use

COVID-19 has sent the business world into a state of panic on a global scale. Staying afloat during these times is top of mind for most business owners and their teams. There are a variety of ways to try and mitigate financial loss, but that doesn’t mean you should reduce all digital marketing efforts. 

If your business is considered an essential service then your digital marketing efforts will bolster your current business activities. However, those companies not considered an essential service, don’t despair just yet. If you make smart decisions around your online marketing efforts you can maximize your results. Consider this list of 10 digital marketing ideas during the coronavirus.

In this state of lockdown and social distancing, companies are reliant on digital strategies to communicate to their customers. Don’t shy away from social media and email marketing. Make sure your customers, existing and prospective, are kept up-to-date with your activities during this time. Consider emailing out a newsletter that showcases your social responsibility stance. Let them know what you’re doing to flatten the curve, to protect your staff and to attend to your consumers’ needs. On the social media front, make sure you communicate with sensitivity and empathy at all times. Through entertaining, positive and informative posts across your social media channels, you are helping increase your brand awareness, visibility and customer loyalty.

Be careful with your paid search spend, even though bids are now lower than ever because most companies are cutting budgets. Be more hands-on by switching to manual bidding and manually adjusting your maximum cost-per-click setting. In this way, you can keep up with the constant fluctuations and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

SEO professionals across the globe are reporting losses in their organic search efforts, too, because of lowered search demand. However, don’t stop your search campaigns or put a halt on your content marketing efforts. Your paid search tactics and your organic rankings go hand-in-hand. Reducing spend too significantly could result in lessened organic traffic when business operations stabilize. By maintaining some kind of SEO strategy during this time, regardless of your industry, your recovery period will be far easier when this pandemic subsides.

More SEO News You Can Use

Google is Protecting its Staff, Resulting in Limited GMB Functionality: Google has sent its staff home so everyone can remain safe. The result is that Google My Business functionality is very limited and affecting features such as company reviews and responses. If your business has been affected, here’s what Google suggests as best practices during this time.

LinkedIn Has Ideas Around Your Social Media Posting During COVID-19: LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform for many professionals seeking out industry-oriented content. During this pandemic there’s been an increase in activity across the platform, so LinkedIn has come up with suggestions on the best type of posts to make during this downtime.

Yelp Partners With GoFundMe to Allow Users to Donate to Small Businesses: Yelp and GoFundMe have partnered up to help small businesses receive donations during this challenging time. Users wanting to donate will see a donate button on the businesses eligible for contributions.

Pinterest is Set to Rollout an eCommerce Option: Pinterest is no longer just about pretty pictures or great recipes. The social media platform has made a bold move to include eCommerce features, allowing consumers to purchase from their preferred retailers via links to the retailers’ eCommerce pages.

SEO Strategies to Work on Now for After COVID-19: To consider what the world might look like post-COVID-19 might be a tall order right now. But Adam Heitzman has stepped forward to present eight SEO strategies he believes we should all be considering or working on to help us when the coronavirus passes.

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