SEO News You Can Use: Google Now Collects Public Data for AI Training

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OpenAI and ChatGPT may be in serious trouble as Google is gearing to leverage its formidable data reserves to power its artificial intelligence (AI) models. On July 1, 2023, Google updated its Privacy Terms to reflect how they use public data and which services benefit from them.

Here’s the relevant updated section highlighting the changes made:

“For example, we may collect information that’s publicly available online or from other public sources to help train Google’s language AI models and build products and features like Google Translate, Bard, and Cloud AI capabilities. Or, if your business’s information appears on a website, we may index and display it on Google services.”

Previously, Google only scraped publicly-available data to train its language models, such as Google Translate. However, as competition in the AI space heats up, Google is using another ace up in its sleeve: its dominant search market position and the wealth of data that comes with it.

With the recent update, Google can now use any information you post in the public domain.

Aside from the products mentioned above, other Google AI products that may benefit from this change include:

  • Search Generative Experience (SGE): Google’s take on a chat-based search interface that uses real-time information to streamline the search experience.
  • Codey, Imagen, Embeddings API and RLHF: Available in Vertex AI through Google’s trusted tester program.
  • PaLM 2: A large language model that powers Duet AI for Google Cloud.
  • Google Shopping: Use diffusion-based AI to generate realistic images.

This raises an issue that plagues AI models today: privacy.

OpenAI already had its fair share of government scrutiny concerning privacy. We expect Google to grapple with these issues as more people realize and scrutinize the implications of these privacy changes.

While this helps Google create better products, AI skeptics and watchdogs are on the lookout for potential violations of privacy and consumer protection.

Read Google’s full Privacy Policy here.

More SEO News You Can Use

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OpenAI Gets Multiple Lawsuits Over Alleged Violations: The creator of ChatGPT is now at the center of a copyright infringement lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that OpenAI’s data sets come from “copyrighted works – including books written by Plaintiffs – that were copied by OpenAI without consent, without credit, and without compensation.” But that’s not all – OpenAI is also finding itself embroiled in a privacy lawsuit. It is claimed that OpenAI used individuals’ data without obtaining adequate consent. The AI models in question, ChatGPT and DALL-E, allegedly “use stolen private information, including personally identifiable information, from hundreds of millions of internet users, including children of all ages, without their informed consent or knowledge.” If the plaintiffs prevail in court, OpenAI may face substantial financial penalties. The outcomes of these lawsuits have the potential to shape AI regulations, establishing crucial standards for copyright, privacy and data collection. Read more of this story from Search Engine Journal.

Check Out Bing’s AI-Powered Shopping Tools: To bring “more joy to shopping,” Microsoft has introduced new AI-powered shopping tools in Bing and Bing Chat, empowering consumers to shop wisely and save money. These tools include price match monitors, AI-generated buying guides and review summaries. Price match monitors provide post-purchase price details for customers to request price matching from stores. AI-generated buying guides offer product suggestions and specifications side-by-side for consumers. Review summaries summarize customer opinions and provide valuable insights using AI. These features are now globally available on Bing. For shoppers, these tools offer a more informed and balanced shopping experience. For sellers and retailers, they provide an efficient and effective platform to engage customers. Check out Search Engine Land’s article for more information. Here’s Bing’s official announcement of these features.

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