SEO News You Can Use: Google September 2022 Broad Core Algorithm Update Rollout |

SEO News You Can Use: Google September 2022 Broad Core Algorithm Update Rollout

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With the Helpful Content Update (HCU) completion still fresh in search engine optimization (SEO) professionals’ minds, Google recently announced another core update on September 12, 2022.

Before this, the May 2022 Core Update was quick and significant.

Expected to take about two weeks to roll out, it is still unclear how the September 2022 Broad Core Update will affect search results and which languages will be affected just yet. However, most experts are curious about how this Google Core Update will affect the HCU. 

In an earlier tweet Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, suggested that a core update may amplify the effects of the HCU. However, Sullivan later went on to tweet that although Google does its best to space out updates, there will be times when they may overlap. Further, Sullivan stated there was no coincidence regarding the timing of the updates.

Although there aren’t specific instructions on how to bounce back from a core update if affected, Google has presented some key questions surrounding core updates to help assess web content if you are concerned that you’ve been affected by the latest core update.

Some professionals have already reported between a 20 and 60 percent drop in rankings; it is still uncertain how sights will be affected by this update, so it’s essential to keep an eye on data.

To keep up to date, follow Google’s Search rankings update page.

More SEO News You Can Use

Google Search Console Account No Longer Needed for Product Rich Results: Google has recently extended requirements for eCommerce sites to be eligible for product rich results. It’s no longer a requirement to have a Google Merchant Center account to qualify. Now websites that implement Product structured data have access to two new features, namely the product Popular Products and Products Snippets enhanced features allow for a better shopping experience than a regular rich snippet. The Google Search Console Product structured data report has also been replaced with two new reports to help measure performance and identify any issues. These include the Merchants Listing Report and the Product Snippets report. For more information on Google Product Rich Results expansion, check out Search Engine Land’s breakdown of the changes or Google’s Free Listings Experience; visit the Google Help Doc.

Google Adds New HTTPS Report to Search Console: Google Search Console has another addition – an HTTPS report. The launch is expected to take place over the next few months and will help highlight any problems with the HTTPS status of web pages. General issues include an issue with the SSL certificate, third-party resources that are not considered secure, redirects, etc. Web admins can now see which web pages are indexed as HTTP AND HTTPS. HTTPS sites are not only a great ranking signal but are generally considered a lot safer than HTTP, making for a better user experience overall. Learn more about the new HTTPS Console Report on Google Search Central or read the Search Engine Journal article here.

What Google Has To Say About Targeting Zero Search Volume Keywords: In a special edition of Google Office Hours, Lizzi (presumably Lizzi Harvey), according to Search Engine Journal, tackles a common question regarding a new SEO keyword trend – is it worth trying to rank using zero search volume keywords. Lizzi suggests considering user intent or behavior, or in other words, how someone will search for content, whether knowledgeable or a novice, on the topic. For instance, more knowledgeable people may use specific jargon when searching online. Although the term suggests otherwise, this SEO strategy refers to longtail keyword targeting. Take a listen to the podcast here for more insights into zero search volume keyword targeting.

Google Consolidates A/B Testing SEO Impact Help Documentation: Google has created a help doc to guide users on how to minimize A/B split testing in Google Search. The help doc is based on a blog post published nearly 10 years back, according to Search Engine Roundtable. and doesn’t offer any new tips or information per se. However, as of late, Google seems to have been updating its help doc section, as just over a week ago, a help doc offering tips on reducing spam was added. The A/B split testing help doc cover topics like multi-variant testing, best practices, cloaking, rel canonical links, 302 redirects, and more.

YouTube Testing New Analytics Features: It seems that Youtube is testing three new analytics features; Watch Interest, Watch Activity and Personalized Insights. This will help creators discover what their viewers are interested in. The announcement was made on Creator Insider on September 8, 2022, a Youtube channel created by the Youtube tech team to provide weekly updates on new features, policies and updates. According to Search Engine Journal, Search Insight, released just last year, provides additional data on what people are searching for. These new features should give more scope to tap into potential areas of interest among viewers. Although this is available for a limited time only, if this test has a positive outcome, we may see them being rolled out as permanent features in the future.

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