SEO News You Can Use: How Influencer Marketing and SEO Work Together

SEO News You Can Use

Before COVID-19, influencer marketing was a tactic used by particular brands to reach an influencer’s audience or demographic on their social platforms or YouTube channel. Nowadays (six months after the start of the pandemic), we see many brands have adopted influencer marketing as a part of ongoing digital marketing strategies to combat the impact of COVID-19, increase trust with consumers and improve visibility.

Influencer Marketing Hub published a report, Coronavirus (COVID-19) Marketing & Ad Spend Impact: Report + Stats, that does a deep-dive into how 237 brands have handled the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. One of the sources cited in the report, CreatorIQ, analyzed more than 1.4 million Instagram influencers’ posts speaking to COVID-19 or including popular coronavirus hashtags. The most important finding in this analysis is that a little more than 800,000 influencer posts around the subject of the pandemic resulted in 2.9 million engagements.

This marketing trend is on an upward trajectory because it clearly works. However, an online business only succeeds if the website and complementary digital platforms are optimized for Search and answer user intent. With search engine optimization (SEO) as the backbone of many digital marketing plans, we have to ask how influencer marketing affects SEO strategies? And, how does influencer marketing work together with an SEO strategy?

The short answer is it improves your SEO performance. There are several ways influencer marketing bolsters SEO, provided you form a relationship with the right influencer for your brand who boasts an audience of prospects interested in your value proposition. If you make the right decision in this regard, you will quickly reap the rewards. 

Influencer marketing can provide diverse link juice and a growing link profile as the influencer creates content and links it back to you or creates content (including your link) that is picked up and shared by external sites or other influencers. And on the topic of content generation, your influencer(s) will create content that’s both unique and loved by their audience, which usually means loved by your audience, too. Let’s not forget that Google judges your content harshly. Still, you can rest assured a successful influencer knows exactly how to create content that Google will lap up (think keywords, high-quality, readability). Also, their reach and ability to engage with the audience is far greater than your brand could dream of. Considering reach and engagement is a vital ranking factor accounted for by Google, achieving your goals in this regard is a win. The end result here is not only pleasing the search giant but also way more traffic to your site than you’ve had before. 

Influencer marketing seems to achieve similar key performance indicators (KPIs) as some SEO tactics. So, while influencer marketing activities cannot be measured and tracked as you can with SEO tactics, you can look at the data to identify if goals are being met from a search perspective. If you’re new to influencer marketing, then use your SEO data to determine the influencers worth reaching out to. Your SEO reports will identify for you your target audience demographics, locale and persona, which are all important factors to account for when deciding on which influencers to pitch your value proposition to. It would seem that if you combine influencer marketing and SEO correctly, you end up with a marketing strategy backed by numbers and a brand humanized by an audience-centric, conversation-starting persona.

More SEO News You Can Use

On Sunday, TikTok and WeChat Apps Were Banned from the U.S. App Stores: Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, says this move has been actioned based on President Donald Trump’s ongoing efforts to protect America from threats of the Chinese Communist Party. The Department of Commerce (DoC) made the announcement and explained the Chinese-owned apps from ByteDance and Tencent are banned from Google’s Play Store and the iOS App Store and companies are banned from hosting the apps in the U.S. Also, the use of TikTok will be banned in the U.S. by Nov. 12.

After All the Hype Around WordPress 5.5, the Update has Broken 50,000 Sites: There are two bugs that have broken about 50,000 websites since the rollout of WordPress 5.5. The first issue is the removal of the jQuery Migrate Library plugin and the second is the pagination bug in which page parameters are being dropped from the URL with a 310 redirect. Thankfully, both issues can be resolved. Here’s what you need to know.

Digital Marketing and Mobile Marketing are Almost Interchangeable Except for SMS: With a whopping 96 percent of Americans all owning a cell phone, it seems obvious that mobile marketing should be on every marketer’s agenda. With all websites forced to be optimized for mobile, most digital marketing efforts translate to mobile regardless of the strategy’s intent, but the marketing efforts will only reach smartphone users. However, SMS remains a mobile-only form of marketing and, as Brandon Leibowitz discovers, it’s still a powerful tool of engaging with your target audience across both cell phones and smartphones.

Ecommerce is the Go-To Option for Brands Trying to Survive the Global Recession, but Changing Consumer Demands are Confusing: Ecommerce brands have found it almost impossible to predict consumer behavior. Sometimes products reach remarkable levels of popularity with demand spiking and sometimes the most-bought products suddenly become redundant. Sabrina Bomberger unpacks this volatility faced by eCommerce businesses in her latest article for Moz and considers how it impacts SEO and how to manage SEO throughout these fluctuations.

301 and 302 Redirects Appear Identical, So Which do You Choose For SEO Purposes?: Joshua Hardwick has the answers in his Ahrefs piece on this topic. Hardwick gives us an in-depth view of how 301 and 302 redirects are viewed from a search perspective and how to fix incorrect 302 redirects. He discusses how choosing the incorrect redirect can create issues with your site’s SEO, which are often only discovered months down the line!

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