SEO News You Can Use: How Salesforce Pardot Increased Leads by +29%, Conversions by +15% |

SEO News You Can Use: How Salesforce Pardot Increased Leads by +29%, Conversions by +15%

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This should certainly get your attention: Salesforce recently made website optimization updates to that generated +29% more leads, +15% more conversions and +12% more traffic.

Those are very impressive increases for any website, but especially for a site that faces fierce keyword competition for organic rankings. Now, find out how Salesforce did it. does a great job of breaking down just how transformed its website through optimization. focuses on marketing automation and lead nurturing for the B2B sector under the Salesforce umbrella.

Pardot started its optimization by using self-analysis of what it was doing well and not so well, putting together actionable steps to start its updates. Pardot’s optimizations included elements of content that included telling a story, optimizing the length and content of its forms and using call-to-actions only where they made sense (careful not to overdo it).


More SEO News You Can Use

Google Responds to Algorithm Update: Google webmaster John Mueller answered questions recently in a hangout chat about how long it takes to recover from the June 2019 broad core Google algorithm update. One of the key takeaways was that you don’t have to wait until the next core update to recover your page rankings.

Google Weighs in on Canonical URLs: Google recently responded to some questions about how it chooses canonical URLs. Google chooses canonical URLs to display in search results by determining which URL it looks like the site wants Google to use and which version be most useful to searchers. Website masters certainly want to follow these general guidelines carefully to avoid identical or duplicate content appearing on multiple URLs that can hurt your organic rankings.

Google Unveils New Structured Data for Movie Carousels: Last week, Google announced a new search experience for movies and TV shows. Google then announced a new type of structured data to help movies appear in dedicated movie carousels. Google specified required and recommended structured data to use to help searchers find what they’re looking for easier, so take note of that.

Google Search Console Adds auto-DNS Verification: Another Google announcement last week informed website owners that they can now verify their sites with Google Search Console with auto-DNS verification. This can be a more simplified verification route for GSC.

How Does Google’s Local Algorithm Work?: In a recent Whiteboard Friday presentation, Joy Hawkins went into a deep dive on how Google’s algorithm treats local SEO vs. organic SEO. She outlined factors that drive the local algorithm, identifying three primary ways your site is judged: proximity, prominence and relevance.

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