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Brandon George
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One of the most popular destinations for youth today is YouTube. Well, more than youth. There are currently 170 videos on YouTube with more than 1 billion views.

YouTube, which was purchased by Google in 2006, is a great avenue for businesses to promote their products or services. The popular video-sharing website should be a part of your marketing strategy., a great SEO tool and resource for many professionals, recently released a blog that goes into detail about how to do YouTube keyword research. suggests the key for growing your YouTube channel and attracting more views is to target topics with search demand. Ahrefs provides you with three actionable steps to follow, a formula the website states helped grow its YouTube channel from about 10,000 to more than 200,000 monthly views in around a year and added about 50,000 new subscribers.

The Ahrefs blog post is worth your time, breaking down each YouTube keyword research actionable step with graphics and images that help clarify the process.

SEO News You Can Use

More SEO News You Can Use

Custom JavaScript Added to AMP Pages: Google announced this week that custom JavaScript can now be added to AMP pages. This was a big request by developers. The amp-script component is used to enable user interactions. And, it can be used for sharing codes across pages.

A Backlinko SEO Study: Backlinko surveyed 1,200 business owners to get a better understanding of the SEO services industry, discovering how much people spend on SEO, where people find SEO services, why people choose one agency over another and why people decided to leave their current SEO provider.

Mobile-First Indexing Update: Google webmaster John Mueller said this week that Google has no plans to allow publishers to opt into or out of mobile-first indexing. So you can’t pick and choose the conditions in which sites are crawled and indexed.

Yoast SEO 11 With Improvements: Yoast SEO announced this week it had improved Schema in its Yoast SEO 11 plugins, fixing a Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin that had a bug showing invalid Schema. Also, Yoast SEO 11 improved Schema output in the News SEO plugin and improved its Local SEO plugin as well.

Are All Non-English Websites Spam?: Google webmaster John Mueller said this week via Twitter that links from non-English websites aren’t necessarily spam. So be careful not to lose any high-quality links.

Google Ads Maximize Conversion Value: The newest smart bidding strategy via Google Ads is available now for all Search campaigns. It’ll optimize for your greatest conversion value within your budget.

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Brandon George
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