SEO News You Can Use: Key Details Backlinko Learned About Page Speed

SEO News You Can Use

Brian Dean from recently published a page speed study that offered some interesting insights into what factors impact loading times after analyzing more than 5 million desktop and mobile pages.

According to Dean, Backlinko established worldwide benchmarks for Time to First Byte (TTFB), Visual Complete and Fully Loaded load time metrics. Also analyzed was image compression, CDNs and hosting to determine what affects a site’s loading speed.

You can click the link above to see the full analysis, but here were some key insights uncovered through the research:

  • Average TTFB speed is 1.286 seconds on desktop and 2.594 seconds on mobile. Average time to fully load a webpage is 10.3 seconds on desktop and 27.3 seconds on mobile.
  • The average web page takes 87.84% longer to load on mobile vs. desktop.
  • Squarespace and Weebly had the best overall mobile page speed. Wix and WordPress ranked near the bottom.
  • Wink an Gatsby were the fastest Javascripts. Meteor and Tweenmax were the slowest.
  • GitHub and Weebly web hosts had the fastest TTFB. Siteground and Wix were the slowest among hosting providers.

These are important insights to consider for all webmasters. Page speed is not only important to SEO and your Google rankings, but it’s also vital for higher conversions and user experience.

More SEO News You Can Use

Google’s New Customizable Search Snippets Are Here: Last month, Google introduced its new markup that allows webmasters to customize how their search snippets are displayed. But Google Search is just now launching the new preview markup. Have you noticed it yet?

Google Search Console Speed Reports Appear: Search Engine Land shared new Google page speed reports. Google announced in May it would be adding experimental reports in Google Search Console for new speed reports. SEL reports that the new speed report is listed under the “Enhancements” section and named “Speed (experimental).” Are any of you seeing this as well?

You Can Now Create Google Assistant Actions With Structured Data: Website publishers can now create how-to “actions” for Google Assistant by using structured data, according to Google. Google Actions help you to interact with Google Assistant and can help to provide guided instructions. Previously, you had to code the actions. Now, you can just add structured data to your existing how-to content to make it become an action for Google Assistant.

Google Explains Content Ranking Factors: Google’s Danny Sullivan tweeted last week that SEO specialists should use content that’s “great, unique, useful, compelling.” But not all content works best by checking the box for each of those factors, according to a Search Engine Journal report.

Google Ads Now Has ‘Conversions By Time’ Reporting: Google has launched new conversion reporting columns that record when a conversion actually occurs. The six new columns help to identify conversions by time, offering another layer of data about how your ads are converting that you can also use to compare to your internal sales statistics.

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