SEO News You Can Use: Keywords Found in 85% of Top 5 Titles in Google SERPs

SEO News You Can Use: New Updates to Chrome FLEDGE

If you’re looking for a reason to continue optimizing your website for search engines, this is it. BrightEdge recently shared a survey showing that 85% of titles in the top 5 positions in Google results contain keywords.

While this should not come as a surprise, it’s a good reminder to keep search engine optimization (SEO) in mind when creating content and designing websites.

While the research itself hasn’t been released yet, we can glean some insights from Search Engine Land’s exclusive cover of this paper. According to their report, all enterprise marketers interviewed by BrightEdge consider hitting the right meta tags as important.

Here are the key findings from the coverage:

  • Meta descriptions are found in 95% of the top 10 pages.
  • 25% of pages that appear lower in Search have grammar errors.
  • 90% of top 1 to 5 search results have consistent capitalizations, both title and sentence case, in their meta tags.

BrightEdge is an enterprise SEO provider. This study surveyed over 300 enterprise marketers and analyzed 10,000 keywords across finance, travel, insurance and retail industries.

So, what does this mean?

While we’re not privy to the most inner workings of Google’s algorithms, studies like BrightEdge’s validate the importance of established SEO practices in content and web design.

A good rule of thumb is ensuring a good user experience. Google’s own experts also encourage you to consider this and think about the bigger picture instead of hyper-focusing on specific ranking signals.

How will a user feel if they see your content? Will they skip it, or does it look and feel good enough to click and scroll through?

Honestly answering these questions, including how your titles and meta descriptions are read, will help you get a good gauge of how SEO-compliant your content is.

Here’s the full feature article from Search Engine Land.

More SEO News You Can Use

Google Search Now Indexes CSV Files: This is good news if you’re using comma-separated values (CSV) files for your data. Google updated its Search Central help document to indicate that it now recognizes CSV files as a crawlable dataset alongside tables, data-capturing images and structured objects. If you’re a savvy Search user, you can now use “filetype:csv” to search for specific files. Read this article from the Search Engine Journal for a more in-depth discussion of the update.

Google Releases AI-Image Detector: In another Google update, the search giant released its own detection tool for artificial intelligence or AI-generated images last August 29, 2023. Called SynthID, this Imagen-powered Google Cloud solution will embed pixel-sized watermarks into images it recognizes to be AI-generated. This is a remarkable step towards “connecting people with high-quality information and upholding trust between creators and users across society,” according to Google. Since the watermark is embedded into the image’s pixels, SynthID promises more robust AI detection in all its Imagen-produced photos, making it harder for creators to intentionally or unintentionally spread false information through images. Read the complete post from Google DeepMind.

Want More Gen Z Awareness? Try YouTube Ads – Study: We know the younger generation loves watching YouTube videos. But for them to watch ads? A Precise Advertiser study found that Gen Z’s interest in YouTube ads isn’t waning. It reveals that 45% of teens remember a YouTube ad. Furthermore, six in 10 teens don’t skip ads and watch them instead. This gives insights into YouTube’s prime position as a video-streaming platform despite the rise of alternatives like TikTok. According to Precise Advertiser, “YouTube drives purchase power due to high ad recall.” So, don’t think YouTube Advertising is a thing of the past – it’s still thriving and remains a viable platform for paid campaigns if you have a younger audience. Read the complete report from Precise Advertiser.

Introducing the 100-Year WordPress Domain Plan: It’s exactly as it sounds – you can register a domain for a century-long license with the world’s most-used CMS in exchange for $38,000. But why should you have a 100-year domain registered? WordPress cites three use cases for this: (1) Families preserving their rich history for future generations, (2) Founders who want to protect company documents for a very long time and (3) Individuals who just want to own an “online home” that can be customized despite the changing times. Aside from the unique 100-year domain, you’ll also enjoy multiple backups courtesy of WordPress, better ownership protocols and 24/7 premium support. This is on top of “the very best managed WordPress experience” from the platform. Read the full release announcement here. You can also sign up for this plan today.

Google Chrome Gets Bing Chat Goodness: Bing Chat users and Chrome lovers don’t have to jump browsers anymore. In a tweet last August 25, 2023, Bing Chief Mikhail Parakhin announced that Bing Chat for “Chrome is shipped a 100%.” While many loved the fusion of search engine and AI conversations with Bing Chat, the lack of browser compatibility was a massive drawback for most users. Parakhin also revealed that Safari support is coming. Will this be enough to snag more market share in the search engine space for Bing? We’ll have to wait and see. Read more of this story from Search Engine Land.

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