SEO News You Can Use: Local SEO Expert Emphasizes Relevance, Prominence and Proximity |

SEO News You Can Use: Local SEO Expert Emphasizes Relevance, Prominence and Proximity

SEO News You Can Use

Local SEO expert Mary Bowling recently participated in a Whiteboard Friday and examined three factors that drive Google’s local algorithm and local rankings.

Bowling said Google’s local algorithm has always been based on relevance, prominence and proximity.

Bowling emphasized that for relevance, the algorithm is asking: “Does this business do or sell or have the attributes that the search is looking for?” For proximity, she says the question is, “Is the business close enough to the searcher to be considered to be a good answer for this query?” For prominence, it’s “Which businesses are the most popular and the most well-regarded in their local market area?”

Bowling says proximity is fluid in the eyes of Google local SEO. She says it depends on the query, the searcher’s location, the relevance to the query and the prominence of the business.
More SEO News You Can Use
BERT Is Now Worldwide: BERT — Google’s latest core algorithm update — has now rolled out worldwide to more than 70 languages, Google recently announced on Twitter. Initially it launched in October for U.S. English only. This is Google’s attempt to better understand natural language in search queries.

How To Become An SEO Expert: SEO expert, of course, is a relative term. But recently laid out eight simple steps to teach someone how to become an SEO expert.

Everything You Need to Know About the Knowledge Graph Google Algorithm Update: Here’s a complete look at the changes in the Knowledge Graph API and a comprehensive breakdown of the Google Knowledge Graph Google algorithm update. The Knowledge Graph Search API allows you to find entities in the Google Knowledge Graph. The API uses standard types.

WordPress Gutenberg 7.1 With Major Improvements: WordPress Gutenberg 7.1 is taking a step up with several recent updates completed to improve user experience and functionality. Some have experienced a small performance slowdown during these upgrades.

Google Displaying Availability of Products on Image Search Results: Google is displaying the availability of products on image search results pages. For eCommerce marketers and eCommerce SEOs, this places even more emphasis on image optimization.

Advanced WordPress SEO Tactics To Consider: After you have finished basic optimization, what’s next? Well, a lot actually. In this article, the author examines several advanced tactics to take your WordPress SEO to the next level.

Google Has Changed How It’s Presenting News Stories: Google has changed how it’s presenting news stories in search results. On mobile devices, you’re going to see multiple carousels of news stories on the same topic. Previously when people searched for news, they would typically see two top stories and a horizontal, scrolling carousel of results.

Adding Emphasis to Your eCommerce and Amazon SEO Efforts: Perhaps your SEO agency has noticed this: Holiday pay-per-click (PPC) budgets have continued to rise. According to an analysis of Tinuiti retail clients — that was recently released by the agency — advertisers spent 32% more on Google Shopping ads and 50% more on Amazon Sponsored Products ads between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday this year than last year. Commerce advertisers spent 25% more on text ads this cyber weekend compared last year. Text ad clicks increased by 25% and Shopping clicks rose 31%.

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