SEO News You Can Use: Organic CTR Study Shows Importance of Ranking High on Google

SEO News You Can Use

Some interesting data was presented last week through an organic click through rate study by through data provided by

ClickFlow provided Backlinko with CTR data from several Google Search Console accounts. Backlinko analyzed 5 million Google search results — across more than 874,000 pages — to gain a better understanding of organic CTR.

As part of the study, Backlinko analyzed title tag lengths, sentiment and meta descriptions and how they affect organic CTR.

You can click here for the complete analysis and findings, but what caught our eye most were the following statistics:

  • We all know how important it is to rank No. 1 in Google’s organic search results. According to Backlinko’s study, that No. 1 spot has  an average CTR of 31.7%. It’s also 10x more likely to get a click compared to the No. 10 spot.
  • There isn’t much difference in the organic CTR for Google’s No. 7-10 positions.
  • Title tags that contain a questions have a 14.1% higher CTR vs. those that don’t.

More SEO News You Can Use

Study Finds Blogs Are Making a Critical Mistake: While we’re on the subject of studies, here’s another recent study by Perficient Digital that examines blog structure. The study reveals that it’s very difficult to find most blogs’ content because of link depth (how many clicks it takes to get to that content after visiting that site’s home page).

Structured Data Warnings Not a Big Concern for Google: Google said last week you’re not required to fix structured data warnings. But webmasters are required to fix Google errors.

Google Won’t Transfer All Legacy Features to New Search Console: Google webmaster John Mueller said last week that Google has no plans to bring all legacy features over to the new version of Search Console. But you can still use those legacy features in the old version of Search Console — for now.

Google Testing New Feature: Google says it’s testing a feature that will take a searcher from the search results page to a third-party site. Google originally did that on mobile through the AMP cache, but it’s now testing it on desktop and Chrome browsers. This is something all SEO specialists will want to monitor on their pages.

Facebook Adds Automated Lead Generation in Messenger: Facebook announced last week the global roll out of lead generation in Messenger. It enables businesses to set up an automated question experience for lead generation. You can qualify leads in Messenger and continue the conversation on their preferred channel. It is to be used with click-to-Messenger ads.

Bing Adds Beta Feature for Site Import to Google: Bing has launched a beta feature to allow site owners to import their sites from Google Search Console to its own Webmaster Tools. This could decrease problems for SEO specialists with the world’s second-largest search engine.

How to Improve Your SEO Audits: rolled out some interesting tips and best practices to follow during a recent Whiteboard Friday for conducting SEO audits that deliver impact.

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