SEO News You Can Use: Perspectives Filter Rolls Out to Google Mobile Search

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Announced last May 10, 2023, people now get a better glimpse of Google’s Perspectives filter, a feature that, according to Google, helps you “find helpful information from people on forums and social media sites.”

However, this feature only went live for Google’s mobile search results. So, desktop users, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the Perspectives filter.

Here’s how you can toggle and try Perspectives on your mobile:

  1. Open your Google app and search for something.
  2. Slide your search bar filters until you see Perspectives.
  3. Click that option.
  4. Scroll through perspectives-filtered Search results.

Perspectives build on Google’s current efforts to “add more voices to the Search” and enhance their recently launched Helpful Content Ranking System. Just like how Helpful Content finds “hidden gems” for you, Perspectives sifts through the web for relevant opinions and helpful conversations from real people, including:

  • Personal stories told through videos.
  • Tips and insights from a community and forum thread.
  • Displaying relevant images based on your query.

Perspectives also help users get more information and context from a news story by “surfacing a variety of noteworthy voices and sources” in Search’s Top Stories section.

Google’s Perspectives filter allows you to find better content on “unique expertise and experience.”

“A big part of what makes Search so helpful is its ability to connect you to the wisdom and experience of people all around the world,” said Google in its The Keyword article.

For example, you search for “how to make sure your house plants stay healthy.” The Perspectives filter can then show you an array of tips from people who have been gardening for years, as well as photos and videos to better understand your query.

Your results page becomes more dynamic with content that reflects “lived experiences,” said Liz Reid, Google’s VP of Search, when interviewed by Search Engine Land at Google I/O 2023. This means you won’t have to deal with generic, lifeless and robotic content anymore.

With Search Generative Experience, the Perspectives filter is poised to add value by delivering more relevant, tailored and helpful content to users. By creating a seamless results page where you can see videos, threads and blogs, Google wants you to find the information you need without jumping platforms and tabs.

For search engine optimization (SEO) pros, this is an opportunity and a challenge: there is more content to optimize and more competition to deal with. However, if you’re already producing helpful content on multiple platforms, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Are you ready to get up to speed with Perspectives?

Here’s the full read to Google’s preview of the Perspectives filter.

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