SEO News You Can Use: State of the Technical SEO Report 2023 Offers Valuable Insights

SEO News you can use

Aira and The Women of Tech Community have released their State of Technical SEO Report 2023, which has some interesting insights. 

The report is categorized into various sections, such as risk factors, technical search engine optimization (SEO) tools and platforms, technical SEO careers, methodology and demographics, to name a few.

  • A lack of resources could affect your SEO efforts, resulting in delayed or poor search engine optimization or SEO results.
  • Google Search Console is the most used tool among SEO professionals.
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider is a common tool for log file analysis and crawling.
  • Semrush was the most popular tool used to assess how visible a website is in search.
  • WordPress was the most popular website among non-eCommerce businesses.
  • 88 percent reported technical SEO changes in 24 months and longer. 
  • The three most needed technical SEO skills are Data analysis, Reading and understanding HTML/CSS, and Content strategy.
  • SEO is equivalent to marketing

For more technical SEO insights, visit The State of Technical SEO Report 2023 here.

More SEO News You Can Use

Embedded Podcasts Removed From Google Search Results: Google may be shifting its focus to YouTube when it comes to podcasts. So much so that users will no longer be able to play embedded podcasts directly from search results. Google said the reason for this is to improve user experience. This would mean you would need to leave Google to listen to your chosen podcast from the host website. Besides creating a slimmer search engine results page (SERP), it isn’t quite certain how it improves user experience. Some speculate that it may signal that the Google Podcast feature may end, especially since it hasn’t been updated in the past 18 months. Could this mean a YouTube Podcast app in the future? Only time will tell.

Google Provides Key Insights on How To Improve Core Web Vitals: Google has released some tips to help users improve their Core Web Vitals, particularly when there is much time available. These tips will help to prioritize interactivity, loading time and visual stability. These are the main factors that Google takes into account when ranking websites. Firstly Google recommends improving the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) metric. Secondly, ensure the LCP Resource can easily be located in the HTML source. Thirdly, prioritize the LCP Resource; in other words, make sure that there aren’t any other ways to lessen the priority of the LCP Resource. Then, reduce the time to first bite (TTFB) by using a content delivery network (CDN). Fifth, enhance the Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS). Sixth, improve first input delay (FID). For more in-depth ways to make improvements, visit Search Engine Journal here.

YouTube Releases New Custom Shorts Thumbnails and Analytics: YouTube has announced that they’d launch two new features. The first feature relates to its more detailed analytics information, which categorizes subscribers gained by the type of content they subscribed to. Additionally, video creators can now also customize their Shorts thumbnails, which was not possible before. This allows for more significant insights into customer behavior based on the different kinds of content their viewers watch across various formats. Subscriber analytics data can be viewed in Studio Analytics. At the same time, views per content type can now also be viewed in the Studio Mobile App via the Audience tab, another first for YouTube. This information can help creators focus on what type of content their audience engages with the most. There are now also versatile ways to customize thumbnails. For example, creators can choose a frame directly from a Short when uploading the video or edit a static thumbnail into the Short before they upload it. Thumbnails will be displayed in most areas except in the Shorts feed.

Microsoft Partners With OpenAI To Bring Developers AI Technology: Microsoft has announced its partnership with Azure OpenAI, permitting developers to use technology such as ChatGPT. This technology combines cloud-based and open-source machine learning, allowing developers to scale and deploy to achieve a wider reach globally. Microsoft confirmed that the ChatGPT model is one of the AI models that will be integrated into its infrastructure. The plan is to take the data from the research it’s currently undergoing and use it to enhance Azure. Azure is a platform used to build applications using cloud computing. Microsoft has already invested in OpenAI for $10 billion and has committed to using AI responsibly.

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