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Brandon George
Published Jul 17, 2019 by Brandon George in SEO Tips & Resources
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The popular website recently expanded its free offerings by launching a comprehensive SEO expert directory aimed to help businesses easily connect with leading digital marketing agencies.

The new SEO directory includes more than 1,300 U.S.-based SEO agencies that can be accessed online through this link. Launches Directory of Trusted SEO Agencies is backed by Thrive Internet Marketing Agency, one of the world’s top SEO companies. Thrive recognized a need in the industry for businesses looking for reliable SEO help and went to work to create the first directory that pulls reviews from across the internet. was created in November 2013 and since then it’s been a place where anyone could come and learn for free about the ever-changing world of search engine optimization and other industries.

Over the years, built a strong following of readers, visitors and rankings online and through social media. has rapidly expanding traffic growth and a loyal Twitter following @SEOBlog of more than 8,300.

Thrive took over in 2018 with a commitment to pour its resources into growing the site’s reach and visibility with an emphasis on offering businesses more free educational opportunities through blog content and giving companies a place to turn when looking for reliable SEO help.

“We realized we wanted to help our readers even more than providing free information,” said Matt Bowman, Thrive’s president and founder. “We want to connect them with experts. So, you can come here and learn on your own or come here for a trustworthy place to find experts in this industry.”

At this time, in an effort to be fair to all agencies listed in the directory, Thrive is only being listed on one page of the directory.

Whether a business is looking for help with Amazon SEO, ecommerce SEO, enterprise SEO, local SEO or organic SEO, the revamped site has become a destination spot for everyone from novices to industry leaders. is committed to creating great, free content to enhance its already strong blog and is looking for partners to contribute. recently launched “SEOblog Agency Council,” an exclusive group of industry leaders who will have the opportunity to provide can’t-miss free content that will cover a wide range of SEO topics, from tips, tools and best practices to industry trends and news.

Leading SEO agencies can benefit from joining the SEOblog Agency Council by reaching new users and ensuring a certified listing in our SEO directory. has strong domain authority that continues to increase and receives huge monthly boosts in visitors via organic traffic.

If you’re a leading SEO agency or a highly-qualified writer interested in joining the exclusive SEOblog Agency Council and want to submit content, contact Brandon George, our lead editor. SEOblog also offers many advertising options to allow agencies the opportunity to increase leads and visibility.

For more information, please call us at 415-917-4334 or contact us online.

Written by Brandon George

Brandon George
Brandon George became the editor of in 2019. He manages all of the website's content, editorial staff and guest contributors. Since February 2019, he's also served as the Digital Marketing Editor for Thrive Internet Marketing Agency. Previously, he spent 23 years as a professional journalist. He was a senior writer for The Dallas Morning News for 18 years, which included covering the Dallas Cowboys for eight seasons.

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