SEOblog Interview: Chicago SEO Expert Darren Fox from Idea Marketing Group |

SEOblog Interview: Chicago SEO Expert Darren Fox from Idea Marketing Group

SEOblog Interview Chicago SEO Expert Darren Fox

We’re excited to have interviewed Chicago SEO expert Darren Fox from Idea Marketing Group for the next installment of our Featured SEO Expert Series!

Idea Marketing Group is one of SEOblog’s Top SEO agencies in Chicago.

Darren Fox is an accomplished, senior creative/marketing director with more than 20 years of hands-on experience. His experience includes brand development, strategic planning, competitive analysis, creative production, web development and integrated marketing. Fox has a proven ability to hire, train and lead teams because of his creativity mixed with his strategic, forward-thinking abilities. 

Fox started his design and marketing career in 2000 while still in high school working as a freelance designer. Mostly self-taught at the time, he later received degrees in both graphic design and web design from a local college, as well as worked at two other creative companies. In 2009, Fox founded Idea Marketing Group, Inc., an SEO agency with expertise in digital marketing near Chicago.

What would you say is unique and/or challenging about the Chicago SEO industry?

“The unique part is the search engine algorithms that ever-changing and there are more competitors popping up from everywhere and in every size. The challenging part is that many of the businesses out there are either getting misinformation or are engaging with companies or individuals that don’t set realistic expectations or produce results so potential clients already have a lack of trust going into new relationships.”

How does your agency stand out in a crowded market like Chicago?

“We’ve built up a solid reputation over the last decade focused on customer service and results. Honesty and transparency are core values of ours, which we use as the foundation of our partnerships with clients.”

Can you share a success story from a local SEO campaign centered around the Chicago area?

“A favorite of mine is a local chimney sweep company that was only doing traditional advertising (papers and publications) who pulled all of their money out of print and decided to pursue digital about six years ago. Within the first year and overhauling their website, we achieved over 30 number one search results for local search queries and many other first page results for key phrases. In fact, they did so well the owner took the whole crew down to Mexico to celebrate!”

What is the best advice you ever received in business?

“Surround yourself with smart people — from co-workers to mentors.”

What do you think is the most important quality that makes an agency truly great?

“It will always be the people at the agency. This industry changes at a rapid pace. Having dedicated individuals who are passionate about learning, applying and testing will always be the key differentiation. It is important for agency owners to provide professional development opportunities to keep life long learners on the team.”

 Any predictions for the future of SEO?

“I believe the need for SEO will always exist, but the method in which it is delivered will drastically change. I see a lot more mixed media types rather than traditional written words.”

What is your reaction when you hear that “SEO is dying”?

“I just smile. I’ve built this agency off of SEO and referrals and even today, we continue to receive inbound leads for companies that have found us online. It is built into our process to follow up with those leads to ask how they found us, more than 75 percent of the time, the answer is through a Google search. The numbers speak for themselves.”

What do you think is the most important contributor to keeping clients happy?

“Constant communication. The end of the month reports cannot be considered communication. Having calls and emails on a regular basis is how communication should be done. Our jobs as marketers are to dissect the data and make recommendations while providing educational answers instead of using complex terminology to avoid real answers.”
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