SEOblog Interview: Miami SEO Expert Matthew Capala from Alphametic |

SEOblog Interview: Miami SEO Expert Matthew Capala from Alphametic

SEOblog Interview: Miami SEO Expert Matthew Capala from Alphametic

We’re excited to have talked to Miami SEO expert Matthew Capala from Alphametic for the next installment of our Featured SEO Expert Series! Alphametic is one of SEOblog’s Top SEO agencies in Miami.

Matthew Capala is a digital marketing strategist, speaker and author. He has spent the last 14 years delivering results to some of the most iconic brands in the world, leveraging the latest tools and strategies in SEO, SEM, content, social and digital ads.

As the Founder and Managing Director of Alphametic, a boutique digital agency in Miami, he manages a team of experts to help his clients increase ROI from their online marketing efforts.

What would you say is unique and/or challenging about the Florida SEO industry?

“My agency, Alphametic, is based in Miami. Having a staff that’s bilingual in Spanish is crucial for communicating effectively with local Spanish-speaking leads and clients. Apart from our local Miami clients, the majority of our clients are based in other parts of the country. This means that I have to travel sometimes to the opposite side of the country to meet with clients. But a lot of the times, it’s that face-to-face contact that cements a strong, long-term relationship with a client.”

How does your agency stand out in a crowded market like Florida?

“One of our biggest advantages is developing our niche expertise. Our most in-depth niches are in the casino and beauty industry. By putting out valuable, industry-specific content, we’re able to attract clients that trust in our niche experience to take their marketing to the next level.”

Can you share a success story from a local SEO campaign centered around the Florida area?

“One of our local clients, an asphalt company, contracted us to get more website leads and visibility. By improving the accuracy of his local listings, we were able to get him substantially more website visits and phone calls. We also optimized the site navigation, contact forms and CTA’s (call-to-actions) and implemented new service pages. Through these efforts, we were able to increase his web traffic and, consequently, more leads.”

What is the best advice you ever received in business?

“To focus: Intensity will always beat extensivity. Most businesses try too many things and fail at most of them. It’s best to niche down and focus on one thing/expertise.”

What do you think is the most important quality that makes an agency truly great? 

“A good agency will show you what they did, but a great agency will show you the results. Especially with SEO, where the results aren’t always obvious. Using analytics to measure the outcomes of our campaigns and using that to refine our strategy is a must. We provide our clients with monthly reporting so they have a clear idea of how we’re progressing towards their goals.”

Any predictions for the future of SEO?

“AI has seen a huge rise recently, and I predict that it will continue to play a huge role in SEO. Voice assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, are commonplace now, and websites that can rank for voice-powered search will be way ahead of the pack.”

What is your reaction when you hear that “SEO is dying”?

“Saying ‘SEO is dying’ is like saying the Internet is dying. As long as there are people searching for content, SEO will have a long and healthy life. However, certain old forms of SEO have certainly died off. Search engine algorithms are getting smarter, and black-hat methods, such as keyword stuffing and sneaky redirects, no longer work.”

What do you think is the most important contributor of keeping clients happy?

“Consistent communication and results are key for client satisfaction. Not every month can be a strong month — that’s just the nature of SEO. But we make sure to always keep our clients updated on deliverables and demonstrate our value through long-term website visibility and growth.”

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