SEOblog Interview: SEO Expert Sanket Patel from Blurbpoint |

SEOblog Interview: SEO Expert Sanket Patel from Blurbpoint

We’re excited to have interviewed SEO Expert Sanket Patel, from Blurbpoint, for the next installment of our Featured SEO Expert Series!

Sanket Patel is the founder of Blurbpoint, a leading Digital Marketing Company specializing in Ecommerce SEO & Local Services, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and many more. With over a decade of experience, he helps businesses in transforming the way they market their products and services online, keeping track on the buying pattern of modern consumers.

What would you say is unique and/or challenging about the international SEO industry?

“Understanding the culture and the international market are two of the most challenging aspects of international SEO. Especially after the pandemic, the expenditure trend has changed drastically. We need to be extremely particular about what entices the international audience.”

How does your agency stand out in a crowded market?

“We don’t have a standard campaign that just works for everyone. All our SEO digital marketing campaigns are customized after researching our client’s niche, their target audience and their individual goals.”

Can you share a success story from a local SEO campaign?

“One of our most successful digital marketing campaigns was for a U.S.-based transport niche client. We helped this client achieve a 348 percent increase in organic traffic, a 513 percent increase in business enquiry phone calls and a 348 percent increase in clicks. 

“Another client, who specialized in selling organic baby products, was able to achieve 111 percent growth in revenue, 80 percent increase in organic pageviews and a 72 percent increase in organic traffic.”

What is the best advice you ever received in business?

“Never refrain from walking an extra mile for your customer. We heard this somewhere, and it has been our motto for the longest time now. Wherever we feel that even the slightest extra effort can help us stand true to the client’s expectations, we will not think twice and simply do it.”

What do you think is the most important quality that makes an SEO agency truly great?

“We think transparency and staying in sync with the latest market trends are two of the most important traits for any agency.”

Any predictions for the future of SEO?

“We believe mobile-responsive websites will be the next big thing for this year. Most users are browsing the internet from their mobiles or tablets. If your website lags and is not mobile-friendly, you will lose a lot of potential customers who are using their smartphones to browse.”

What is your reaction when you hear that “SEO is dying”?

“That’s silly because SEO isn’t going anywhere. Especially now, when most businesses consider online marketing as their lifeblood, SEO has become more important than ever. People have been relying on the internet for everything, so if your business isn’t present widely on the internet, there are high chances that your target audience won’t be able to find you.”

What do you think is the most important contributor to keeping clients happy?

“Consistency and standing true to what you have promised should be two of your main mottos to keep your clients happy. No one likes a company that overpromises and under-delivers. Make sure you don’t fall under that category.”

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