How Social Media Marketing Has Evolved During The Pandemic? |

How Social Media Marketing Has Evolved During The Pandemic?

Ankita Sharma

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Social Media Marketing has always been the best way to reach more and more people. But how does a social media presence perform during a pandemic? Is it all still the same or are revision required? Let’s check it out!

The outbreak of Covid-19 has changed almost everything, but you still need to connect to your customers, partners, prospects, and team members, that too more than ever before. So, once again, with little change in strategies, social media proved to be the best way to do so.

More People Are Using Social Media 

As people are forced to practice social distancing and stay inside, they are looking for ways to stay connected to others, and nothing can fill that void like social media is doing. 

During the earlier days lockdown, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reported that due to the rise of the virus, usage on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp “has more than doubled since the start of the crisis.” That’s not all, local support groups have also been growing on Facebook through the crisis. And, in total, comprise over a million people, especially in terms of community. 

Other social platforms are also observing enhanced engagements as well as users. For instance, Reddit reported increased traffic of 20-50% in business, news, finance, education, sports, and travel subreddits. The community name r/coronavirus has 2.1 million members and is currently ranked high among the site’s top growing communities. Even campaign impressions of Instagram have raised, by 22%, amid Q4 2019 and Q1 2020. 

While social media users are consuming more than ever, the paid social campaigns have seen a decrease, indicating less competition within the ad auction. However, the audience is not deterred and is actually engaging more often with brands. According to eMarketer, the COVID-19 has caused many advertisers to hold back campaigns,  pause on all advertising efforts, adjust their media allocation, and even cancel campaigns entirely. 

What’s the Role of Social Going Forward?

For years, we have been noticing the slow descent of organic media. And even companies, generally advise their clients to focus more heavily into paid. But things are different now. 

Yes, the organic media has taken full-stage now as this pandemic brings a need for brands to engage with their customers. Still, brands need to be very careful with, how and what they need to communicate with their users and what message is useful to them. 

On the other hand, store closures have impacted in-store purchases, and suddenly the focus has shifted toward a revised e-comm strategy with an evolving contingency plan. Hence, being mindful of business outcomes and processes such as inventory, subscriptions, distribution, etc., you need to be prepared to make decisions quickly. 

 Social Media Changes In The Coronavirus Era

  • Posting ‘Only’ With Purpose

As mentioned above, communication should be mindful. Hence, it is not at all the time for frivolous posts that are published just because they are “due” per the social media editorial calendar. 

That definitely not means that you can’t be lighthearted or funny. However, consider WHY you are posting that particular post on social media.

Who is your target audience while posting? 

How does it entertain, educate, inform, or benefit your targeted audience?

What specific change (behavior or thinking wise ) are we trying to effectuate with this post? 

All these points will assist you with how to make changes in your next post and will also help you in better reach. At last, that is our goal. Isn’t it?

Best of all, reaching professionals and experts can help this time. As they know, how the world is running in such ‘slow times.’

  • Help First, Sell Later

Several people have this query in mind if they should “stop selling” right now, well the answer is, do not stop but do it differently. 

For now, overt sales campaigns may be tough sledding. Instead, if you help your prospects now, they’ll remember you and will reward you back. 

On the other hand, if helping is your intention on social media now and if you sell a little along the way, you’re going great. 

There are chances that people don’t want to or can’t buy from you right now. But it no way signifies that they don’t even want education and inspiration. 

You can spotlight your previous customers and identify how they use your services and products, or how your products are beneficial to them in such a tough situation. In a nutshell, you can help your prospects think, how they are going to deal with you when they are allowed to do so. It is in your hands now! For example, travel organizations can let people dream and stay motivated for the future. 

Well, for all industries, helping customers will help you create “wish lists” during quarantine, which will be a terrific social media content approach.

  • New Formats And Publishing Times

Just like social media usage in society is going way up during the outbreak, people’s daily routines are also massively turned. 

Consequently, there are massive shifts in what works, and when it works. 

For example – Earlier, the “best” time to post was around 10 am. Now? 10 pm. There is a pretty strong pattern toward mid to late evening posts being disproportionately successful during these times. The reason is maybe people now catch up on social media after dinner time or maybe after their kids turn to bed. 

Again, this is not the exact data you need to use to modify your program. But you can dig deep right now to figure out how your own social media success equation has changed or needs to change. 

Bottom Line

No wonder we have seen how social media marketing is transforming these days. The good news is, many great social media companies are helping people like you and us, and even organizations by putting these new social media and digital marketing best practices into place. So, instead of doing all alone, you can hire any of the best Social Media Companies for your help for better results! 

Well, no force here, the choice is always yours! Whether you want to hire or want to do it on your own, only make sure to go with the changing trends and rise above the competition, even in such tough times!

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