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How To Get Your Startup Going With a Killer SEO Strategy

Establishing a startup can be challenging and exciting. You will be busy from day one as you focus on building your startup – from creating your own brand and products to developing a killer strategy in marketing the things you offer to set everything in motion. 

Many startups don’t put much importance on SEO, which they don’t see as something necessary to the success of their marketing strategy. It is quite understandable why they feel that way. It may take time before you see the results, especially if you are using an ineffective SEO strategy. Some argue that SEO is dead; however, we conducted a convincing study into why SEO is becoming more important than ever

You may hear a few people say that SEO can be costly for startups. But, that may only be true when you or your chosen SEO agency does not employ an effective and efficient SEO strategy. If that’s the case, it will take a very long time for you to see the results that you want to get. However, if you hire the right Houston SEO company or a reputable SEO in your area, you would definitely begin seeing improvements in your rankings on Google. 

In this article, you will learn how to get your startup going in terms of getting more traffic, leads and online sales with a killer SEO strategy that enables you to rank at the top of the search engines.

Define Your Goals and Create an SEO Strategy That Can Help Meet Your Objectives 

Occupying a spot on the first page of the search list or search engine results page (SERP) should not be your only SEO goal for your startup. SEO can help you more than you think. 

It may take time before you see the result you want, but it doesn’t mean that SEO has not started working from the day that you implemented your SEO strategy. It is important to define a proper and clear SEO goal so you can make necessary adjustments when needed. You can also save time and money this way, and it maximizes your return on investment (ROI) with long-term benefits.

Your SEO goals should not contradict the objectives of your marketing and startup business. You may want to consider the following goals: 

Create Brand Awareness To Attract the Right Customers

Startups will surely benefit a lot from SEO in establishing brand awareness – especially small businesses. Big companies spend an insane amount of money on their ad campaigns and marketing just to make people aware of the existence of their new products and brand. Small businesses will be eaten alive if they go head to head with big companies selling and offering the same products and services. However, a small business can turn to SEO to create brand awareness without spending that much money. 

Increase the Flow of Organic Traffic to Your Site

If you have more relevant visitors to your site, you have many chances to turn them into paying customers – which means more money for you. 

Maintain a Good Reputation or Manage a Good Online Presence

Always make sure that the SEO strategy that you implement is in line with the other goals you have. 

Through SEO, small businesses have a better chance of competing with big companies. It is possible to make your brand name appear on the first page when you employ an effective SEO strategy. Your target customers or audience will get to know the existence of your business along with the things that you offer. 

Customers that are looking for certain products are likely to choose the brand that dominates the first page of the search list. It is, of course, most beneficial for you if you can manage to land on the topmost position on the first page of the search results.

You also need to understand that search engines rank the individual web page and not the entire website. The more web pages you rank on the first page, the better. 

Here Is a List of Killer SEO Strategy Tips To Ensure a Smooth Startup

Tip 1: Find the Right Keywords To Target

The right keywords to target are crucial to the success of your SEO campaign. 

Keywords are the commonly searched phrases that your potential customers type in the search bar of the search engines. The right keywords can help you gain the ranking that you want. 

You need to think of possible terms or words that your target customers may use when they try to search for the types of products or services that you offer. It is important to follow the Google rules regarding the number of keywords you need to use in your content. 

Keyword stuffing, which is a practice of sprinkling too many keywords in the content, is something that looks ugly in Google’s eyes. The content appears spammy when so many keywords are used. You may also get penalized when you do this. The content loses its value to the readers and search engines when there are too many keywords. 

You can add your target keywords to the following: 

  • Meta description
  • Title
  • URL of the web page
  • Tags for images or pictures
  • Content (follow the right amount per content length)

Keep in mind that your target keywords must be relevant to your brand or products/services and target audience.

Tip 2: Plan Your Content and Publish a Fresh Piece Regularly 

When writing your content, think about your target audience first and search engine second. Write for your human readers and not for search engines. Write something that your target audience will find beneficial to them. Make them regard you as the right authority to depend on when they want to find the solution for their particular problem. 

You can strategically sprinkle the right amount of your keywords throughout your content for the search engine to take notice. The more useful your content, the more readers or visitors you will attract. The search engine will also see this and regard your webpage as something beneficial to a lot of people. 

You need to pay attention to the intent of your potential customers when looking for your products and direct your content in that direction. It is also important to provide fresh content regularly to keep your audience coming back for more. Also, be sure to keep a regular schedule when posting your content and avoid doing it randomly. 

Tip 3: Use SEO for a Faster and More User-Friendly Website 

To attract more visitors to your site, you need to provide a great user experience (UX). Many people believe that the main purpose of SEO is to make the website or web page look nice in the eyes of search engines. It may have been true before but not anymore. 

Today, search engines also determine whether a certain website is user-friendly or, conversely, difficult to access or navigate. SEO can help a lot in making your website user-friendly and fast. 

  • User-friendly and fast-loading websites have the following advantages: 
  • They attract more visitors due to their easy navigation and fast-loading page.
  • They provide the information that the user needs at a fraction of time. 
  • They gain a good reputation among users and attract more visitors based on the recommendations of their audience. 

Tip 4: Provide Quality Backlinks 

Link building is one of the most important Google ranking factors. It will strengthen your SEO strategy, help you maintain your good reputation and let the search engines know that you are the foremost authority on the subject. External or outbound links are important because they can help enhance the information that you are providing and also help you establish your reputation as someone who really knows what they are imparting to their audience. 

You can also gain quality backlinks to your site when you do all or any of the following:

  • Sharing on social media platforms
  • Creating shareable infographics and videos 
  • Guest posting or blogging 
  • Encouraging reviews and testimonials 

featured snippets sample

Tip 5: Aim for Featured Snippets 

Featured snippets allow the readers to see a sample of what they will find on your website. Creating content that is good enough in Google’s eyes to earn a featured snippet can give you a lot of advantages. Most searchers click on the link of the featured snippet to know more about the topic. 

You cannot request to have a featured snippet. Google will be the one to decide on that. The best chance you have to be featured is to create quality content that is relevant, timely, information-rich and useful to your target audience. 

The tips listed above can help you create a killer SEO strategy in no time. But you also need to do the following: 

  • Eliminate anything that slows down your website. 
  • Make sure that your website remains compliant with the current Google algorithm.
  • Update your previous content, improve it, and make it more informative.
  • Check your website and evaluate its performance regularly. 
  • See if you need to re-optimize.

With these killer SEO strategy tips, you will have a smooth startup and expect some more good things to come.

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