Tips and Tricks to Generate More PPC for Your Travel and Tourism Business |

Tips and Tricks to Generate More PPC for Your Travel and Tourism Business

Ankita Sharma
Tips and Tricks to Generate More PPC for Your Travel and Tourism Business

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In today’s world, Pay Per Click advertisements are probably one of the most practical ways for the tourism industry to reach out to their target audience. Although international tourism is severely affected right now, national and local tourism is slowly picking up the pace. When businesses are low on funds, marketing strategies can take a back seat, which is why PPC ads are the perfect way to promote your business right now. These are some tips and tricks that can get you started with your PPC strategy.

Promote Experiences Instead of Products

Most tourism companies concentrate on promoting hotel rooms and travel itineraries. However, traveler preferences have changed a lot in the past decade. More than 66% of travelers are looking to spend on experiences and adventures than lengthy itineraries and expensive hotels. Moreover, people are looking for these unique experiences because most of them are reluctant to stay in hotels during the pandemic. People are going for glamping resorts and houseboat rentals instead of visiting crowded tourist spots. So if your travel and tourism company hasn’t focused on experiences yet, maybe it is time to dive into it and promote them through PPC ads.

Target Keywords With Higher Purchase Intent

The tourism industry is extremely competitive right now due to the pandemic. Most companies are short on marketing budgets, so strategic targeting is necessary to get the maximum ROI. Therefore it is prudent to spend on keywords that would be able to generate more conversions. If you are not sure of how to go about it, hire a brand like for your PPC management right now so that you can reach out to your desired target audience, and generate more conversions.

One of the easiest ways to ensure higher conversions is to include more localized keywords in your search engine optimization techniques. For example, if your travel company is based in West Jordan, Utah, you can spend more on long-tail keywords like “book the best tours in Salt Lake county.” That will target customers with an intent to purchase a tour, rather than someone looking for the best places to visit in Salt Lake County in Utah.

Focus on Performance Trends

You will be able to find out several trends about your target market demographics from your recent ad campaigns. Note those trends and utilize them while you build new strategies. It will enable you to focus your future PPC ads on people who are more likely to purchase your services. Again, look for localized conversions of your previous ads to understand more about the market segment that is buying your services. You may also notice that people from a specific part of the country are using your travel services more. You can either increase your bids on people from that location, or you can create ads and content with your SEO efforts targeted towards them. You can also explore options other than Geo-targeting to enhance your bids.

Focus on Mobile Phone Optimization

Optimizing your ad campaigns for mobile users is of the utmost importance these days. More than 60% if travel-related purchases are completed on mobile phones these days. For example, when Airbnb launched Airbnb experiences sometime back, they did extensive mobile ad campaigns to promote their services, which generated huge responses. Therefore, optimize your website and content for mobile users and target your bids for mobile devices to increase conversions. Remember that only the top five positions on SERP matter for mobile users.

Make Brand Reputation Management a Priority

If you want to generate more conversions from your ads, strengthen your brand’s presence online. Most customers would rely on personal recommendations and online reviews while choosing a brand for their travel. People can see your Google reviews when they search for the travel services you provide. Your potential customers would also look at other review websites like TripAdvisor before they choose to make their travel bookings through your company. So invest in brand monitoring tools and make sure that your business has high ratings from satisfied customers.

Build Brand Awareness Through Ads

Even though the purposes of your PPC must stay focused on driving conversions, you can use other ads to promote brand awareness. You can use Google or social media ads to support your PPC ads. Use them to remarket your brand to those potential customers who clicked but did not purchase from your PPC ads. Social media advertisements can also be used to promote offers and promotions that can lead to higher conversions through your PPC ads.

In the present economy, it is essential to utilize intelligent ways to advertise your travel business so that you can generate maximum revenue from them. PPC ads can become the best marketing tools for your travel and tourism company if utilized strategically.

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