Understanding the Importance and Benefits of White Label SEO

Understanding The Importance and Benefits of White Label SEO

Online businesses have many advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar stores. These include lower start-up costs, less overhead and access to a global — not just local — market. However, these advantages come at a price. Online businesses face fierce competition and breaking into a specific market or niche can be very difficult.

It is for this reason that SEO has become so important. The more visible your business is online, the more it will attract customers. In recent years, the practice of white label SEO has gained popularity. To understand white label SEO — its importance and its benefits — we must first understand the concepts of SEO and white labeling separately.

What Is SEO?

SEO is the process of making specific changes to a website and its content to generate more traffic to the site. 

“More often than not, a principle goal of SEO is to have the website rank of the first page of search engine results when a relevant keyword or phrase is searched. Clearly, a site that ranks on the first page of Google is likely to receive much greater traffic than one ranked on the seventh page,” said Robert Bellomy, an SEO manager at Writinity and Researchpapersuk.

How Does SEO Work?

To understand how SEO works, we must first take a look at the underlying process that search engines use to provide a result set to a specific search query. These actions are performed by algorithms that are continually being updated and modified by the search engine.

Crawling: A crawler bot is a program that visits a page, then visits every URL included in the content of the website. As it goes from site to site indexing each one it visits.

Indexing: All sites visited by the crawler bot are put into a database and sorted by specific keywords or phrases. 

Search Processing: When a search is made, the keywords or expressions in the search query are used to direct the search engine to the appropriate list, or groupings of sites it has indexed.

Relevance Determination: Any particular search is likely to have tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of relevant search results. Each search engine has its own way of determining which of the thousands of results are the most relevant and of the highest quality. These are the sites that people see first.

Return Results: The results are returned to the user.

A good SEO provider will be able to improve a site’s visibility by understanding how specific search engine algorithms work. 

However, not all SEO providers are created equal. Understanding the differences between black hat SEO and white hat SEO practices are essential when choosing a provider. 

White hat techniques focus on long-term results using ethical practices. White hat SEO revolves around making quality content more visible to the people who would benefit from it. Black hat SEO uses manipulative practices which, more often than not, violate search engine guidelines and do not produce long term results. These techniques focus on exploiting bugs or loopholes in a search engine algorithm to achieve results, instead of focusing on delivering quality content to human users. 

What Is White Labeling?

White labeling is where one company produces a product that another company purchases to rebrand and sell to consumers. This practice is quite common and not a new concept. One of the most familiar examples of white labeling is value or no-name brand items seen at large grocery store chains. These companies do not produce all these items themselves; they source them from different manufacturers and put their branding on them.

White labeling allows companies to sell certain products without investing and managing the production themselves. It also allows them to take advantage of already existing distribution and supply chains.

What Is White Label SEO?

White label SEO services are different than a rebranded bar of soap or a package of crackers at the supermarket. In the online world, white label services are those in which one company contracts the services of another company to do the work and presents them to the customer as if they were their own.

For example, Company A, an SEO service provider, sells its services to Company B, which brands the service as their own. The client deals only with Company B but Company A is the one doing the SEO.

Why Use White Label SEO Services?

Ease: SEO is a necessary part of creating a successful online business. This need has created an in-demand skill which many people have been successful in making money off of. 

“Unfortunately, SEO can be complicated and may take a few years to master. The emergence of white label SEO services has allowed individuals to participate in the SEO market place without having to learn the ins and outs of SEO,” said Robert Richardson, a marketer at Draftbeyond and Lastminutewriting

More Time: With white label SEO services, the individual does not have to do any of the leg work. They simply deal with the customer and therefore have more time to focus on obtaining more clients for their business.

Customers Receive Expert Results: If the right digital marketing company in Australia is employed, the client can expect quality results from an organization that specializes in SEO. If the service does not provide what was originally agreed upon, the business owner can go back to the white label company and have them re-do the work at no additional cost to them.

Highly Scalable: There are enough white label providers to allow an individual to take on as much work as they can acquire. It also means they are not stuck with employee overhead costs should the amount of work fall.

Less Stress: Meeting deadlines, solving problems and dealing with the unexpected is all left up to the white label service provider.

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